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wpwrakroh: btw, what cad do you use for 3d these days ? i did my "best" 3d work with fped plus a few dirty hacks, using fped to draw vertical slices.08:40
wpwrakthis approach has a few drawbacks, though: a) it's of course rather exotic, b) while i can make toolpaths, i don't have a way (so far) to go from that to a mesh, c) this limit me to all things in the Z direction to be strictly vertical - not nice for molds (which need slightly inclined walls) or fillets (both for mechanical stress and to avoid corners resins may not be able to reach)08:44
larscpcercuei: Can I add your SoB to "MIPS: JZ4740: LCD: Fixed LCD_CMD consts and completed LCD_STATE consts"09:40
pcercueiI did that?09:41
pcercueiah no, signed-off-by doesn't mean I'm the author09:43
larscaccording to the log you are the author09:44
larscbut the SoB is missing09:44
pcercueilooks like it's mine yes09:45
pcercueisure, you can add my SoB09:45
pcercueiDate:   Wed May 2 23:45:35 201209:46
pcercueithat was a long time ago :)09:46
pcercueiyou're preparing a push to mainline?09:46
larscyes, it's a rather trivial change09:47
pcercueiI still have commits to fbcon I need to re-send mainline09:49
pcercueiI sent 5 patches to the maintainer, but he only added one, lol09:50
larscthe binding code changed in upstream09:51
pcercueiwell we still have to apply 4 patches09:53
pcercueiit changed since 3.11?09:53
larscit was changed in 3.1109:54
larscI did my best to forward port the patch09:54
pcercueiI mean those patches:09:57
pcercueifbcon: use kstrtouint instead of deprecated function simple_strtoul.09:57
pcercueifbcon: continue parsing parameters after an error09:57
pcercueifbcon: optimize parameters parsing loop09:57
pcercueifbcon: add parameter to toggle bind on startup09:57
pcercueithe first three are here to fix or clean the code09:58
pcercueiso at least those should be accepted, I guess09:58
pcercueithe last one is a functional change09:58
larscand I'm not sure how well it works with 3.1109:58
pcercueilarsc: it works fine, just tested it10:15
pcercueithe one we have on our github repo10:16
mthlarsc: this is how I modified the bind on startup patch: https://github.com/gcwnow/linux/commit/ef73228a13:30
mth(for 3.11)13:30
larscall you ever wanted to know about C http://www.seebs.net/faqs/c-iaq.html20:08
larscQ: 'What's the auto keyword good for?' A: 'Declaring vehicles."20:09
viricMaybe 'auto' can help in some fancy macros21:11
viricI can't think anything much useful though21:12
whitequarkviric: do you know what auto does in C?21:13
whitequarkwell. nothing21:14
whitequarkit used to say to the compiler that the variable should have *auto*matic storage, i.e. (I guess) placed on stack21:14
viricI thought of a macro that used the 'auto' keywords, to avoid macro users to set it static21:15
whitequarkbut it's a no-op in every single compiler I know, perhaps except original K&R C21:15
viricah ok21:15
viricI didn't think about the implementations. :)21:15
whitequarkI'm horrified to even think about how much incompatible ways you could invent for handling a combination of auto and static21:16
viricI didn't reach anything :)21:16
whitequarkroh: so I'm looking at STM32L1's GPIOs right now22:16
whitequarkit's sitting directly on AHB, so zero wait states22:16
whitequark>Fast toggle capable of changing every two clock cycles22:17
whitequark^ states the manual22:17
whitequark(I guess that's because you need one cycle for ICode read and another for AHB write, per toggle)22:18
whitequarkit's definitely more work than on avrs though.22:18
whitequarkstm32l1 has some insane i/o... complete with a huge interconnect matrix which allows to route peripherals almost everywhere you may want22:20
whitequarkand arbitrary combinations of gpio/afio, input/output, push-up/down/floating, open-drain/push-pull22:21
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