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gradienthello. I have a monitor with audio output jack. But he doesn't work. Can anyone advice me how to get it work?12:56
wpwrakmost likely, the jack is miffed because he called her "a he" ...13:10
rohhe werner *g*13:12
rohDocScrutinizer05: hrhrhr15:16
Action: DocScrutinizer05 smiles15:17
rohwas the n900 was the one with or without keyboard?15:18
DocScrutinizer05dang, dos1 used a photo where no kbd shown. Silly15:19
DocScrutinizer05N900 has qwerty15:19
wpwraknice !15:25
mthN9 is the one without a keyboard15:30
DocScrutinizer05yep, the coffin15:30
DocScrutinizer05piece of junk15:31
wpwrakplanted a bit of advertizing :) http://www.heise.de/newsticker/foren/S-Re-Offene-Handy-Betriebssysteme-offene-Firmware-offene-Hardware/forum-264810/msg-24074134/read/15:38
DocScrutinizer05with a perverted "linux" that implements tivoization on a whole new previously unseen level, via "aegis"15:38
DocScrutinizer05wpwrak: AWESOME!15:39
wpwrakthanks, NSA ;-)15:39
wpwrakit all of a sudden got really easy to explain the benefits of open source software/hardware to people ;-)15:40
larscnobody uses it, so the nsa doesn't target it ;)15:47
whitequarka formally verified browser kernel.15:48
wpwrakbtw, the openphoenux logo looks a lot like a satellite dish. took me a while to realize it was a bird.15:49
cdewpwrak: imo the real issue with openmoko is the closed source nature of many components (baseband, gpu, dsp etc.)15:51
wpwrakwell, openmoko tried to avoid them to the largest extent possible, and compartmentalized those one can't avoid.15:53
wpwrakand there were no closed drivers/libraries on gta02. (gta01 has a closed lib for the gps chip. we didn't catch that one in time.)15:55
cdebtw the Replicant guys have done some nice work on Samsung hw. I tried it a couple months ago, it was very usable15:59
rohDocScrutinizer05: i just was asked: why N900 and not N950?17:49
DocScrutinizer05because N950 cases nowhere17:49
DocScrutinizer05btw the N950 kbd is awfull17:50
DocScrutinizer05basically as bad a the Eten M80017:50
DocScrutinizer05keys are hardly distinguishable from their neighbours17:51
DocScrutinizer05access to kbd (the flip-up), though looking cute and in the end resulting in a nice angle between kbd and screen, is annoyingly clumsy 17:52
DocScrutinizer05nobody using N950 ever said the kbd was better than N90017:53
DocScrutinizer05despite larger17:53
DocScrutinizer05(4 instead of 3 rows)17:53
DocScrutinizer05but the answer is: there are no spare parts for N950. Zilch. Nada17:54
DocScrutinizer05not even at Nokia17:55
DocScrutinizer05of course N950 case would have a massive selling point just for the mere idiocy of N950-original prices at ebay. up to 2000EUR18:03
DocScrutinizer05but that's more of an idea how to make money from weirdos18:03
wpwraknice :) should have bought a countainer full of them18:04
DocScrutinizer05and it's unclear if those weirdos who buy N950 for 2k bucks are really interested in a look-alike made by Not-Nokia18:04
DocScrutinizer05wpwrak: that's the point, you never been able to do that18:05
DocScrutinizer05there are ~2..5k N950 out in the wild18:05
DocScrutinizer05you either needed to be maemo-developer and apply with a N9 project you need a devel-dev for, or you needed to be commercial developer registered at Nokia18:06
wpwrakah, i see. or work at the factory and be good friends with the security guards ;-)18:07
DocScrutinizer05either case you were not allowed to sell the device for iirc 2 years at least18:07
wpwrakwell, it just accumulates value :)18:08
DocScrutinizer05I think a few (5?) were trophy of harmattan coding contest18:08
DocScrutinizer05a frightening number of devices developed display defects, probably caused by the mechanics for this clumsy flip-up pushing the LCD from behind18:09
DocScrutinizer05an absolutely amazing alliteration18:11
DocScrutinizer05roh: anything else you were asked? :-) I'm happy to answer18:12
wpwrakwhat was the mechanical problem ? plastic not strong enough ?18:14
rohDocScrutinizer05: nope :)18:24
rohproper founded answer... relayed it back.18:25
rohwrite both the question and the answer in a faq ;)18:25
DocScrutinizer05wpwrak: the hinge has two tiny spots where it supports the display, at 1/3 and 2/3 of display width and halfway of the height. those will push backside of LCD and cause defects18:28
DocScrutinizer05      http://maemo.cloud-7.de/share-service/20130908_001.jpg18:31
wpwrakso the hinges break ?18:32
rohnope. just the flex of the mechanics is too big to distribute the load properly18:34
rohso the lcm gets flex/pressurepoints from the back and thus fails at some point18:34
rohive seen that defect on a n950 too, but thought it was less common18:35
wpwrakoh dear. that's an unfortunate one. just adding a little metal plate would avoid that ...19:28
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