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hellekinhola. New CERN OHL http://www.ohwr.org/documents/29411:55
wpwrakah, what's the diff ?14:01
hellekingood question14:17
hellekinthe notion of documentation location disappeared14:24
hellekinno wait14:25
hellekinappeared :]14:25
hellekinDocumentation Location means a location where the Licensor has placed14:25
hellekinDocumentation, and which he believes will be publicly accessible for at least14:25
hellekinthree years from the first communication to the public or distribution of14:25
wpwrak"the internet" ? :)14:29
hellekinno, the public library of Tobel-Tägerschen14:37
hellekinI believe the documentation will still be available there in 3 years, even in case of a world war in Syria14:38
hellekinI mean, a post-apocalyptic Earth MUST be Swiss.14:39
wpwrakyou have a low opinion of the swiss ;-)14:40
hellekinYes I could have chosen a village at a higher altitude :]14:41
whitequarkor netherlands?14:43
wpwrakwhitequark: bomb the dams, watch 'em all drown ...14:44
whitequarkwas referring to this: http://what-if.xkcd.com/53/14:45
whitequark(also the next one.)14:46
wpwrakbut we all know that this doesn't end well, either: http://what-if.xkcd.com/57/14:50
hellekinlol nl14:53
sanderrwpwrak: Only 1/3rd of the Netherlands is below sea level. (I know, I live there)15:48
mthutwente.nl says you live in the 2/3rds ;)15:51
sanderrYep, indeed. :)15:52
wpwraksanderr: hah, the evil overlords have thought of that, of course. that's why we have global warming, to raise the sea level. it's all part of the plan.15:53
sanderrmth: Can't tell the same about you (from your hostname), but I have a feeling you do too.15:53
mthsanderr: I'm from Eindhoven, also above sea level indeed15:55
{reema}help me18:26
Last message repeated 2 time(s).18:28
larschelp me, help me my frind, help me, help me again...18:29
{reema}my friend18:29
{reema}help me help me18:29
{reema}i have computer desktop18:30
{reema}all screen apper red color18:30
larscI don't have one :/18:30
larscbut anyway this channel is not about generic computer hardware18:31
{reema}where i can ask?18:31
larscI have no idea, sorry18:32
wpwrakif this was a tarantino movie, we'd all know where that red on the screen is coming from ...18:44
larscif this was tarantino movie we'd all be dead18:46
wpwrakthere's a quite non-zero probability for that, yes18:48
cde{reema}> all screen apper red color #that's one of the ten plagues!18:49
cdealso, virtual frogs18:49
cdeI guess $deity was mad at him for some reason18:50
cdewhitequark: my thoughts exactly19:08
wpwrakyes, but not hyper-active ;-)21:45
larscbut with a attention deficit21:52
wpwraka low-pass filter, to remove hyper-active noise :)22:00
hellekinwpwrak: are you up for some lightning talk about free hardware on the 27th?22:20
hellekin(before the hacksado  :)22:20
hellekinhmmm 28th I mean22:20
hellekinalthough 27th would work too if we do it on the radio22:21
hellekin(we're setting up a week-end of partying at http://libreplanet.org/wiki/Group:LibrePlanet_Buenos_Aires/GNU30 )22:22
wpwrakDomingo 29: s/A ver/resaca/ ;-)22:24
wpwrak(lightning) about how long ?22:25
wpwrakand in which language ?22:25
pcercueiin Lisp22:26
wpwrakyeah, i thould be able to lithp a lithle22:28
hellekinwpwrak: I guess in Spanish22:34
hellekinand 5-10 minutes, + 1 or 2 hours of questions :D22:35
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