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larscgreat a SPI slave that doesn't reset it's SPI transceiver statemachine when CS goes high. Have a spurious clock cycle once, all future transactions will be off by one clock cycle :/15:09
wpwrakbut it's very robust against CS glitches ;-)15:12
larscyea ;)15:17
larscwell, it ignores SCK as long as CS is high, so you'd have a similar problem if you had a glitch on CS at the right time15:21
wpwrakah, but what are the odds :)15:51
larscright now I'm wondering how to fix this, the reset is the deserted long before CS and SCK become untristated and of course no testpoints where you could attach a pull-up to CS16:08
wpwrakdevice doesn't have a reset-in pin either ?16:34
wpwrakmaybe you can implement some algorithm that determines the bit offset by a string of commands and evaluating the responses for the possible offsets16:35
wpwraks/by a/by sending a/16:35
larscthe reset pin is hardwired to the power good signal, luckily that's going to change in the next rev16:43
larscI only can do multiples of 8 SCK cycles16:44
larscso once stuck, forver stuck16:44
wpwrakno GPIO on the "good" side of that interface ?17:02
kyaki might be late, but anyway: http://haxit.blogspot.com.es/2013/08/hacking-transcend-wifi-sd-cards.html17:05
kyakvery cool17:05
larsckyak: Linux on your SD card?17:10
larscwpwrak: kind of, a full fpga, but well I'm lazy ;)17:10
larscI don't want to implement some custom recovery methods17:10
wpwraklame ;-)17:11
larscstrangly enough it works if I add a pull-up inside the fpga, even though the pin is actively driven17:11
larscat least that's what I assume17:12
wpwrakkyak: neat :)17:14
larscbut since I'm just routing a signal from the SoC through the fabric how knows how they hooked up the signal to the fabric internally17:14
kyakyep, it's a 400 Mhz ARM, 32 Mb RAM and Wifi in an SD card, completely hackable17:16
kyak(not because it was made hackable, but because it contains so many holes)17:17
kyakwpwrak: i, by the way, bought another uSD-SD adapter. But before i start with it, i found an old 32Mb SD card to experiment with )17:19
kyaki realized i need more thin wires as well.. mine are too thick17:19
kyakand maybe i can finish this project with the iron i have17:20
wpwrakmaybe ... but you really ought to visit the electronics stores. this stuff isn't THAT expensive. you'll easily spend more on things you damage, oddball adapter boards, etc., than on a decent soldering iron17:24
kyakyep. i already took notice of one model17:28
wpwrakgood :)17:30
larscnow lets hope that it takes notice of you as well and then you two can live on happily ever after18:01
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