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virickyak: http://www.yacy.net/en/index.html this people use the same port as offrss! :)10:49
kyakviric: they must die then? :)15:02
viricI killed them already15:03
viric(the processes. It took far too much cpu and ram :)15:03
wpwrakViric, son of Draco, a hard but just ruler15:27
apeleteHi everyone19:55
apeleteI have the following kernel messages log, with a panic call trace inside: http://paste.debian.net/28708/19:57
apeletedoes anyone know what debug options must be activated in the kernel in order to make the call trace readable and ease debugging ?19:59
apeletethere are a lot of options in the "kernel hacking" section of menuconfig, can someone help me select the relevant ones ?20:01
mthmaybe CONFIG_DEBUG_KERNEL?20:11
mththat's one of the few debug options I have enabled here and I've got stack traces with symbols20:11
apeleteyes, saw that. will begin with that one at least, thanks20:45
wpwrakgrnbl. i hate it when i fall off a git branch :-(22:12
larscbetter watch your steps next time22:19
wpwrakyeah, i kinda wonder how it happens. didn't do anything unusual. and of course, i usually notice such things after i've been happily committing to the headless branch for hours if not days ...22:25
Action: whitequa1k glares at this flashing utility22:26
whitequa1kFlash written and verified! jolly good!22:26
larscwpwrak: git reflog will list all the headless commits22:28
larscor if you ware still at headless commit you can just recreate the branch name22:29
wpwrakgit reflog just shows the entire log. i don't think i lost anything, just "lost" master and then committed on the headless branch until i noticed that something was amiss. then i merged back, but with a surprisingly large number of conflicts. luckily, nothing overly mysterious.22:34
larscgit reflog shows all commits, so if you loose a commit and don't know the id anymore you can still find it in there22:37
wpwrakah, i see. yes, that could be useful when things get a little worse. thanks !22:38
larscit is basically a more fancy ls --sort=time .git/objects22:39
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