#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2013-08-13

kyakqi-hardware - your best source of political news :)03:43
wpwrakthere's no hiding place :)04:23
rohlekernel: ah. you want expensive casings again?12:11
rohputting sockets on so many sides screams 'develboard', not series device12:12
lekernelthere are only 2 sides, Ethernet is debug only12:12
rohdebug only? you really want no customers. sorry.12:13
rohbtw.. any reason i get mails from people wanting to buy my mm and then not answer back anymore?12:13
lekernelyes, I ordered them at gunpoint they should not buy it12:14
rohwell. i wasnt sure i want to sell it first, but after the offers i was sure i should not.12:16
rohsimply would not be fair.12:16
rohback to the mixxeo.. so that layout is like a develboard, and will be revised before productizing?12:18
lekernelno, Ethernet, LEDs and SD card will be DNP'd, that's all12:19
rohand the controls connect to the pinheaders?12:19
lekernelwhat kind of unfair offer did you receive?12:20
rohi found it quite offensive12:21
rohnext time i go into an apple shop i will ask if i get 80% off12:21
wpwrakmaybe if you state your wishes slowly and clearly, that may work. e.g., walk in, then say loud, so that everyone can understand: "i want to get off !". pause to let them process the essence of your demand. then, add "80%". that ought to work :)12:26
bluesleeroh: ping16:18
hellekinlekernel: I can hear your voice in grothoff's presentation ;o)16:37
bluesleeping roh17:00
hellekinlekernel: muhahahaha! See, even Jake said you're the rms of free hardware :)17:15
rohhm. who is blueslee?18:29
kyakhe is the pinger18:53
DocScrutinizer05age old #openmoko member19:30
virictalking about openmoko... this link arrived to me: http://web.media.mit.edu/~mellis/cellphone/index.html20:40
DocScrutinizer05how to build a shoebox with a protoboard to place your cell modem module on it?22:56
DocScrutinizer05how to build a DIY TV: get a LCD monitor and a DVBT-receiver settopbox, and throw both into a containment of your liking22:57
DocScrutinizer05the geeks at MIT, incredible22:58
DocScrutinizer05sometimes you wonder what TLD "edu" is the TLA for22:59
DocScrutinizer05extremely delusional underdogs23:00
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