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qi-bot[commit] kyak: unrealircd: small fixes (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/d84538b12:48
hellekinlarsc: a/[.*]+/b14:06
hellekinactually drop the *14:07
hellekinI was thinking something else in the meantime... Like if your need Perl regex or POSIX or something else14:08
hellekinso i mixed it all up :)14:08
wpwrakfind . | grep '^foo/.*/bar$' ;)14:09
hellekinwpwrak: if that is the context yes :)14:12
hellekinhave you seen the Tor talk at TUM? They mentioned free hardware. I'm glad they did.14:13
hellekinthe topic is trending. I hope we can ride the surveillance wave and get funding for that14:13
hellekinMichiel Leenaars from NLnet is doing a presentation of that financial topic at OHM14:14
hellekinand setting up the Network Effect Alliance.14:14
hellekinI know he's lurking on free 1Gbps laser links14:15
hellekinwpwrak: next hacksado we're going to chat a bit about that. It's a long time since I didn't bother you with large scale projects :]14:15
hellekinBTW, Fabian told me he wants to make the washing machine stuff, that he would take care of the regulatory part and you would do the hardware part. I said he has to convince you, but I thought that you might convince him to do something more valuable instead14:17
larscanother question. I have debian based system without a RTC. I'd like to run ntpdate whenever the network interface goes up, what's the best way to do this?14:20
hellekinadd post-up in the interface description in /etc/network/interfaces would do the trick14:26
hellekine.g. iface eth0 inet dhcp\naddress ...\npost-up /usr/bin/ntpdate -u14:27
hellekinnot sure if it's the BEST, but it's the simplest and fastest larsc 14:28
larscok thanks14:29
wpwrakhellekin: washing machines sound boring :) something much easier would be a kind-of-roomba device. something hip.14:45
wpwraki normally disable/deinstall all the fancy network config hellspawn and put the three or four or so commands i really need into rc.local :)14:46
hellekina p2p sdr-capable, wifi-capable, encrypted Internet device would be the best target for me wpwrak :]14:58
Action: kristianpaul wants a roomba since ages15:04
kristianpaulwpwrak: just disable network ?15:06
kristianpaulmorning btw15:07
wpwrakkristianpaul: i want networking, but without the config overhead15:11
larschellekin: http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view/437149/roomba-kittens-o.gif15:52
hellekinoh, an autonomous vacuum cleaner15:58
Action: whitequark read that as "vacuum killer"15:59
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