#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2013-08-01

mthwould it be a problem to switch gmenu2x over to C++11?11:47
mthit is already using tr1 functionality, so it won't compile on ancient compilers11:48
mthwho are the stakeholders for gmenu2x anyway? xiangfu? kyak? anyone else?11:49
kyakmth: that wouldn't be me.. But i don't mind, since we use at least gcc 4.611:52
mthoh, I just saw in the log that Paul already switched to C++11 in our "packages" branch11:57
mththat branch has diverged so far by now that it might make more sense to intregrate master into it and then make it the new master branch11:57
mthbut then I need to know who is building NanoNote packages from master11:58
kyakas far as i know, nobody is building NanoNote images at the moment11:59
mthso no-one will complain if we do a big bang integration onto master?12:01
kyakin the observable future - no :)12:01
mthmost of the changes are improvements, but undoubtedly a few things will have gotten broken as well12:01
kyakdon't worry, just do what you need to do.. We are on a specific git commit at the moment anyway12:01
kyakso it won't break anything for us unless someone decides to update gmenu2x to a more recent git version12:02
kyaki mean, gmenu2x pacakge12:02
mthok, if it's a manual action then I assume it will be retested at that point12:03
mthjust as me or Paul for assistance if something broke12:03
kyaksure, thanks12:04
qi-bot[commit] kyak: tre: initial commit (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/2d18f0812:18
qi-bot[commit] kyak: unrealircd: initial commit (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/9b6e25c12:18
kyakbefore i forgot12:19
larscanybody knows how to do this with glob patterns? I want to match a/.../b, e.g. a/1/b a/1/2/3/b, etc.14:23
larsca/*/b will only match a/1/b14:23
wpwraki don't think regular glob can do that14:28
larscI was afraid that that would be the answer14:31
pcercueisomething like a(\/\1)+\/b ?15:01
pcercuei\1 -> \d15:01
larscthe numbers were just examples this can be arbitrary path names15:11
larscbut I think I know who I'll solve it15:11
pcercueioh, sorry15:12
larscI want to have a gitignore rule to ignore files of a certain name, except in that one subfolder15:13
pcercueiwell a(\/.*)*\/b then?15:13
larscbut having a ignore rule in the toplevel folder and having a not ignore rule in the subfolder works fine15:13
larscI though I'd have to put both rules in the same .gitignore file15:14

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