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LunaVoraxI need some help with my Ben Nanonote13:38
LunaVoraxI'm trying to make a swapfile13:38
LunaVoraxI followed the instructions listed here http://www.slaanesh.net/2013/03/dosbox-074-v20-a320-open-dingux-and-ben.html but it fails when I enter swapon /swapfile13:39
LunaVoraxDoes the Ben Nanonote have any known issues with swap and swapfiles?13:40
wpwrakyou can't do that. not sure if it's a general ubifs limitation.13:44
wpwrakyou could swap to an uSD card, though13:45
wpwrakor you could swap to ram :)13:45
larscI think that's what the guide suggests13:46
larscto uSD13:46
wpwraklarsc: it begins with /swapfile. but yes, later it also talks about uSD13:46
wpwrak(swap to ram) see the section on ZRAM in http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/ben-blinkenlights/source/tree/master/ubb-jtag/README13:46
wpwrakworks great in the xilinx case because the data that fills the RAM is extremely redundant and thus compresses well13:47
LunaVoraxswap to uSD works13:53
LunaVoraxNow I have to understand why I can't get the volume under 33 with alsamixer13:53
LunaVoraxThe nanonote is painfully loud13:53
LunaVoraxIsn't swap to RAM useless? Since swap is used to get over the lack of RAM?13:54
viricthere is zram14:02
viricyou can ask a block device stored compressed in RAM, and then put swap on it.14:03
wpwrakLunaVorax: ZRAM is basically compression of the application's RAM. so if it uses the memory inefficiently, you can have a significant saving14:04
wpwrakfor example, urjtag stores data one bit per byte. the other 7 bits in each byte are zero. that data compresses very well :)14:04
wpwrak(urjtag) at least in the configuration i used. different targets/drivers will be different.14:05
LunaVoraxThat makes sense14:08
LunaVoraxAre nanonotes still available to purchace ?14:08
LunaVoraxI was disapointed to see that tuxbrain decided to do something else that selling hardware. 14:11
LunaVoraxEven though I can understand it14:11
rohLunaVorax: well.. i dont think that it was a 'decicion' but rather 'no time anymore'14:12
wpwrakor "no money anymore"14:12
rohwpwrak: afaik no time... children or sth.?14:13
LunaVoraxHum well anyway14:18
rohso.. buy at pulster or whoever is left. they are happy for every sale too14:18
rohfor the customer it shouldnt matter from where to where in the eu stuff gets sent14:19
larscnanonote prices will skyrocket soon since the stock is going empty ;)14:19
rohlarsc: only with continuing demand14:20
rohthats the lesson missing from economics class... demand is never linear or predictible, so dont calculate with winnings you'll only have if you meet it exactly enough14:21
wpwrakroh: pulster has the issue that he doesn't accept credit cards. this is an issue particularly for non-EU customer14:34
LunaVoraxWhy should the prices skyrocket?14:38
LunaVoraxI *might* buy one, but if it gets over 100¬ it's a no-go14:38
rohwpwrak: well.. i dont either and i know why. much too much work, too less pay14:40
rohhey wolfspraul 14:40
wpwrakroh: i know you hate credit cards :) but then you're not the last man standing when it comes to globally distributing qi-hw goodies14:42
rohwpwrak: may be. but i know what extra work is is. and nobody of the cc customers wants to pay that14:42
wpwrakso in a way the price has already risen. e.g., wiring money can be pretty expensive from some places14:42
wpwrakand even impossible from others. where credit cards would work.14:43
rohfrom my pov, accepting cc is atleast 10E/sale extra.. if you only do low-volume, much more.14:43
rohi know of events presaling tickets with cc acceptance... it costs basically an extra worker + 600E/month handling fee for the cc-acceptance.14:44
wpwrakwhat does that extra worker do ?14:45
rohwpwrak: bookkeeping, back-bookings etc.14:45
rohah.. and a chargeback eats atleast 12-20E in fees alone.14:45
lekernelwpwrak, if you want, you can do it for ehsm-2014, then you'll have a very precise idea of that crap ;)14:45
rohif you want to accept a cc in your store (not online-sales, but instead of cash in a store, so meaning swiping/putting into a terminal) thats costs you 15-20E/month for the terminals and about 2 euros/sale14:46
rohand knowing all that.. yes, money transfers seem easy and cheap again ;) and cash rocks too.14:47
rohcombined with 'as long as both transacting ends are within the EU -> any transactions should be charge free by law'14:48
rohthats what changed my thinking there.14:48
rohif i'd need to set up international sales, i'd never try to do centralised shipping and selling again. distributors in every continent/business regions from the start. anything else wastes time and money you usually do not have14:49
rohatleast thats what i know now :)14:50
wpwraklekernel: someone in argentina would be ideal for handling the financial transactions. at least there would be no trouble with chargebacks, because you can't transfer money out of the country anyway ;-)14:50
wpwraklekernel: and receiving inbound transfers means calling the bank for a transaction code, preparing a six page form, then going to the bank, signing it there (they need to authenticate the signature), and leaving a copy of your ID document. you get to do this for each transaction.14:52
rohi know some people who moved from cc services to cc via paypal, because it was less hassle in the end. go figure what that means in the end14:52
wpwraklekernel: in other words, you can charge pretty hefty handling fees ;-)14:52
wpwrakroh: data arrives at NSA half a second earlier ? :)14:53
rohwpwrak: besides that. the broken support and stress of paypal was less work that dealing with the cc companies yourself. that bad.14:53
wpwrakwell, i can understand that they're careful. cc fraud of all sorts is rather attractive. procedural barriers also serve that purpose, even if indirectly.14:54
rohsure. thats not the problem. the problem is: if you put the extra cost of accepting CC to the customers paying with those, payments with a CC are about 10-20E more expensive than cash or bank transaction sales, seen from the seller.14:55
rohjust: how to tell that to the customer in a way that he still wants to buy?14:56
lekernelwpwrak, there must be truly amazing sides to Argentina since you're staying there :)15:05
lekernelGerman bureaucracy is already a bit annoying to me. last funny episode was filling in a chemical weapon declaration for buying absolute alcohol...15:12
wpwrakbureaucracy here is awful. kafka had no idea.15:17
larsckeeps people busy ;)15:18
wpwrakwell, 95% of that is generally waiting.15:25
wpwrakbut yes, it very efficiently keeps people from being productive15:26
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