#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2013-07-23

la_vallettehello :)19:05
wpwrakthese blackouts are becoming a nuisance ...19:14
larscwpwrak: quick, sue Samsung! ;)19:15
wpwraki'd prefer the more traditional approach of hanging the politicians responsible for the energy crisis ...19:16
wpwrakit goes like this: ruin oil/gas production -> need to import (which is a lot more expensive) -> still not enough dead dinosaurs to burn directly -> people switch to electricity for heating -> network collapses19:18
wpwrakand of course, also the electricity companies were strongly discouraged from investing in their infrastructure. cause and effect at their best.19:19
larscbut samsung supposedly copied code from the fat driver to their closed source exfat driver19:20
wpwrakoh, really ? bastards19:21
wpwrakdoes harald know ? he's got the exclusive rights on that19:21
wpwrakgpl-violations is still alive and kicking. very good :) http://gpl-violations.org/news/20130626-fantec_judgement.html19:23
wpwrakodd that this didn't even make the news19:23
wpwrakinteresting situation :) well, samsung know what they have to do ...19:33
viricdo you too?19:36
viricrelease the code and ask people to forgive.19:37
LunaVoraxHello everyone!23:00
LunaVoraxIs anyone still up ?23:00
wpwrakit's not that late yet :)23:10
LunaVoraxSorry wpwrak I haven't noticied your answer23:53
LunaVoraxI wanted to know what codec was the Ben Nanonote supposed to read using mplayer23:53
LunaVorax(i'm talking about video codecs)23:53
LunaVoraxIt doesn't seems to be able to read mp4 at 320x24023:54
LunaVoraxor even vp823:54
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