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qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: bin/snmp6: monitor IPv6 statistics in /proc/net/snmp6 (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/b99342303:51
viricok, I got the video recorder gpl source code and modifications in a CD, finally :)16:21
viricit was my fault that I hadn't it immediately. In fact they sent it as urgent, even.16:22
whitequarkI think I recall the previous time you talked about it16:25
whitequarkwas it several months ago?16:25
viricthe next day of my request, they asked me to confirm the address. I only recently noticed their question :))16:27
viricafter I replied it, in half a week I got the Cd.16:27
viricnot bad for jvc16:28
viricit could be on a web, but what to do.16:28
whitequarkgpl is a successful offensive license :p16:31
viricthey even provide the *unchanged* gpl software, and apart, their changes.16:32
kyakviric: what's you going to do with it?16:40
viricno idea yet... I want to keep the warranty :)16:43
kyakso you just harassed the nice guys from jvc :)16:47
viricsometimes devices rotten :)16:47
viricit's not bad to take a look at their changes, too.16:51
viricwhat is a DBGU port? (atmel)17:40
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