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whitequarkthat actually looks like a project which makes sense15:53
kristianpaulah yes from chumby creator16:45
kristianpaullooks a bit dense board, where is the soc? :)16:47
pcercueitwo ethernet sockets for a laptop?16:49
whitequarkit doubles as a router :D16:50
wpwrak_a freescale cpu. they seem to be the nicest around.17:05
larsca Zynq would probably been a better choice17:10
larscah, ok the freescale is quadcore17:11
whitequarkwpwrak_: is that sarcasm? :)17:49
wpwrak_whitequark: do you dislike freescale ?17:56
derRichardwpwrak_: have you ever worked with a freescale bsp? (e.g porting it to a recent kernel version)18:50
wpwrak_no. and i'd try to avoid anyone's bsp for that matter :)18:52
wpwrak_BSP is for bovine sewage programming, isn't it ?18:52
larscmost of the stuff is upstream now anyway18:56
wpwrak_yeah. i poked around a while ago and things look quite friendly in the kernel. sometimes a bit hard to find, but everything i looked for was there.19:00
larscI think the imx6 support was even contributed by freescale19:19
wpwrak_even better. any sort of garbage can get in a vendor's bsp, but try this with the linux kernel and get torn to pieces. tough QA is a good thing to have :)19:22
larscyea, my job would be a lot easier if I could just commit stuff ;)19:24
larsc git diff v3.9 --shortstat19:26
larsc 544 files changed, 128555 insertions(+), 2851 deletions(-)19:26
larscthat's out 'vendor tree'19:27
larscalthough a major portion of that comes from Xilinx's vendor tree19:28
wpwrak_seems that you have a bit of cleaning up and submitting to do ;-)19:28
larscwpwrak_: my co-worker ;)19:29
wpwrak_it's good to have minions :)19:29
larscwell he's my boss19:29
wpwrak_but he gets to do the janitorial work. seems that you have something similar to a cat-"owner" relationship :)19:30
larscwell it's his code19:33
whitequark(cat-"owner") hehe19:34
whitequarkthat evokes some strange mental images19:35
whitequark(freescale) I heard they were not particularly FOSS-friendly19:35
whitequarkbut glad to hear that's not the case19:35
wpwrak_544 (minus xilinx) files changed by one person. quite productive that man.19:35
wpwrak_whitequark: from what i hear, they're among the most foss-friendly. lots of people who want a small soc that runs linux pick their i.MX series19:37
larscI've heard that Intel has one team which is working on writing drivers and another team working on upstreaming those drivers19:37
wpwrak_not sure about graphics, though.19:37
whitequarkwpwrak_: well, graphics is a lost cause for practically every vendor19:37
whitequarkisn't it19:37
larscwhich is imo kind of stupid, because those who write the drivers are doomed to repeat their mistakes over and over again19:37
wpwrak_larsc: there must be tense moments when they meet in the cafeteria :)19:38
wpwrak_and the others get to introduce their own bugs on the way ...19:38
wpwrak_but yes, those who know how to make things submission-clean should rather teach, not fix19:39
wpwrak_whitequark: yeah, lots of troublesome stuff. mali seems to partially good, though. but i think their next generation will be closed, too.19:41
whitequarkwpwrak_: I don't think the present one is open?19:41
wpwrak_that's why i rather enjoy reading about intel's progress with their atoms. intel are generally very nice.19:41
whitequarkfrom what I understood about mali, mali-200/400 have a particularly sane internal architecture (they exist!), which allowed some folks to reverse-engineer it rather easily19:42
wpwrak_could be that it's closed-but-reversed, yes.19:42
whitequarkI'm pretty sure it is:) ARM even brought a lawsuit to the Lima group, or tried to19:42
wpwrak_i never had to get to the bottom of this, so i only have fuzzy knowledge :)19:42
wpwrak_yeah, arm aren't very open-minded19:43
whitequarkyou are being kind to arm 19:43
wpwrak_it's kinda ironic that so many open projects are based on arm19:43
whitequarkwell, it's not like FR4 or SMT passive components are open-source either19:44
wpwrak_yes, but all those things are thoroughly commoditized19:45
larscwpwrak_: it's kinda irnoic that ARM sells so many licenses because of open source projects19:46
wpwrak_yeah :)19:46
larscwithout Linux they probably wouldn't be where they are today19:47
wpwrak_no linux, no android, well, they may still have apple19:49
larscand window phone ;)19:49
wpwrak_and of course, they'd be just one of many in the embedded market19:49
wpwrak_you shouldn't mock the dead :)19:50
larscwell they might be alive in that alternate universe19:56
roha soc vendor who sues coders is loony anyhow19:58
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