#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2013-06-30

derRichardare xburst-tools broken with xhci? my new laptop has only xhci, no matter what i do, usbboot fails randomly with: Error - can't retrieve XBurst CPU information: -11015:11
derRichardon my old laptop it works15:12
rohusb3 is known to be broken sometimes.15:17
rohnot neccessarily a hardware or sw issue.15:17
derRichardbah :(15:17
rohtry adding a usb hub15:17
rohalso some hci controller of 1st generation usb3 are 'crap'. others work well15:18
derRichardroh: it looks more like jet another jz chip bug. usbboot has also issues with usb hubs i between15:19
derRichardthats a known issue15:19
rohmaybe timing15:19
rohbut i really recommend using a 'normal' usb controller, not usb315:19
rohhad other issues with that as well already15:20
rohnot xburst specific15:20
rohas far as 'doesnt boot from usb'15:20
rohwhile usb2 ports worked. and usb2 flash15:20
derRichardcan i use a kernel.org kernel on the ben nanonote? or are still some drivers note jet mainline?15:23
rohdunno. but afaik some details aren't mainline. not sure tho15:23
Action: derRichard finds out15:25
viricI think it should boot, but not all is there15:36
derRichardusb device seems to be missing15:39
derRichardhm, why does the kernel not use devicetree?15:39
viricisn't it implemented only in arm?15:50
rohderRichard: it does... from 3.8 or 3.9 on15:59
rohdevicetree isnt there yet for all platforms.15:59
derRichardroh: in mainline it seems to use a plain boardfile...16:57
rohderRichard: devicetree didnt exist afaik when the port was made17:32
derRichardviric: no. devicetree is not arm specific. ppc had it long before...17:37
derRichardroh: yeah, looks like mips had no support for it in 201117:39
larscI have dt support for jz4740 locally, it will go upstream over the next releases17:42
derRichardlarsc: do you need some help with upstreaming it?17:42
larscno :)17:44
viricderRichard: ah ok17:47
derRichardsome intel based computer use it too. e.g. olpc17:48
larscbtw, not even arm was using dt, back when jz4740 supportwas merged17:53
derRichardyep. arm has still lots of messy board files :(17:54
derRichardis feeds/qipackages/nanonote-files/data/qi_lb60/conf/config.minimal currenty broken? it builds me a ubi image without init (looks like all base files are missing)19:45
sanderrGoodday/evening/morning/night (depending on your timezone) all. :)20:04
derRichardhmm, this is the evil doer https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/1249620:37
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