#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2013-06-29

arossdotmepaul_boddie: yes and I don't see what could have got fried but then I am a electronics newbie. Everything seams to have a 6v or more limit. I had a 6v solar panel connected to NN with my test meter in parallel which never reached 6v i do believe.01:28
arossdotmeits day 4-5 and its reach 3.9v02:15
arossdotmeday of charging that is02:15
arossdotmewird when I plugin to laptop running trisquel (ubuntu) the nn usb Ethernet fails and does not respond to keyboard input untill I unplug the usb02:17
arossdotmehave more sucess on my other comp but not getting ssh login02:44
arossdotmeall I can do is ping from comp not nn02:45
arossdotmeok I take that back don;t work at all :[ i don't know right bed02:46
arossdotmewill look @ irc logs02:47
--- Sun Jun 30 201300:00

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