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w|zzywpwrak: Ive used the broadcom WICED platform.01:06
w|zzyHardest part was getting a dev board in AU01:06
wpwrakw|zzy: and how was the experience ? which module did you use ?02:10
w|zzyBCMUSI11       : USI 43362-based WICED+ Module (STM32F205 MCU, 8Mbit serial flash) mounted on BCM9WCD1MFI102:12
w|zzyThats the platform i am using. One of the early dev boards..02:12
w|zzyIts a very easy build environment. The provide everything needed to compiler/upload (and also the source and instructions if you want to compile yourself) so that there are no issues with the build env02:13
w|zzyCode is pretty neat and easy to follow.02:13
w|zzyPlenty of neat little examples.02:13
wpwraki have an USI board with a WM-N-BM-08. i think it should be very similar to your board then.02:13
wpwrak(neat code) that sounds encouraging :)02:14
w|zzyYou haven't got the SDK yet?02:14
wpwraki have it but haven't done anything with it besides having a very quick look. tried to build something for my board but of course the build didn't even accept my configuration.02:16
w|zzyThe SDK is up to 2.3.102:17
w|zzyI dislike how they authorise access to the SDK.. Its cookie based or something silly.02:18
w|zzyanyway thats not important.02:18
w|zzybuild system is pretty easy02:18
w|zzymake demo.temp_control-BCMUSI11 download run 02:20
w|zzySo.. it looks in the Apps folder for the demo folder, then the temp_control folder02:21
w|zzyand compiles for a BCMUSI11 board02:21
w|zzythen download and run02:21
wpwraki have version 2.3.0. doesn't like that command02:22
w|zzyhardest part is working out which board you have.02:22
wpwrakoh wait ... now i see it. it's ./make, not "make". argh.02:22
w|zzyyou have to use make from inside the folder.02:23
wpwrakmy board ought to be BCM9WCDUSI0902:26
wpwrak(if it's any of them at all)02:28
w|zzyI should note that my wifes cousin developed half of the SDK.02:28
w|zzyif you have any queries i can ask.02:28
w|zzyyou can just try02:29
w|zzythe platforms are in the readme file02:29
wpwrakseems to work ;)02:30
w|zzyThe appliance demo is pretty good.02:30
wpwraknow ..to see what it's doing ...02:30
w|zzyIndeed. You can specify which rtos to use.. or go raw...02:30
wpwrakseems that it defaults to ThreadX02:31
w|zzythey bought ThreadX and NetX for people to use with their wireless platform.02:31
w|zzyI should say they bought a license to cover the use of ThreadX and NetX..02:32
wpwrakthe less closed the better :) so i'll try my luck with freertos.02:32
w|zzyhow to change that is specified in the makefile02:33
wpwrakbut first i need to see if i can get a serial console. i suppose it reports things there ?02:33
w|zzyIts a fairly nice build system02:33
w|zzy115200 8N102:33
wpwrakyeah, i just have to build the right magic config string02:33
w|zzysnip/config_mode is pretty cool.02:34
wpwraki found the instructions once, i'll find them again :)02:34
w|zzymake demo.temp_control-BCMUSI11-FreeRTOS-LwIP download run 02:36
w|zzyAlso.... Everything gets built in the SDK/build directory.02:37
w|zzyAlso.. There is an image for the wireless chip itself that is store in the chip rom.. It is possible to load that into an eeprom or such.02:39
wpwrakkewl. wlan scan is running. picks up half the city even without an antenna ;-))02:40
w|zzyAny ideas what you will use it for?02:40
w|zzyDoes your board have the current IC?02:40
wpwrakwhat's the current IC ?02:41
wpwrakthe plan is to use this for a wpan-wlan gateway02:41
wpwrakdemo.temp_control doesn't seem to do anything02:45
wpwrakor maybe it doesn't like freertos02:45
wpwraklet's try config_mode02:46
wpwrakah, pilot error :)02:47
w|zzyyou have the serial port happening?02:47
wpwraki had copied your config string without changing it to my board :)02:47
w|zzybtw cosm doesn't exist any more.. so it won't work..02:47
w|zzycompile appliance...02:47
w|zzyIts more interesting.02:49
w|zzyxively replaced cosm...02:49
w|zzyalso.. the downside of the current license is you can't publish our share it... I know the developers are pushing to make it more accessible.02:58
wpwrakyeah, the license is very bad03:02
wpwrakhmm, running snip.config_mode but it doens't let me associate03:03
wpwrakah, now03:06
wpwrakkewl. the critter works :)03:13
wpwrakapparently, the 43362 is a simplified 4330. so perhaps one could get the linux driver to talk to it.03:15
w|zzynot my domain03:16
wpwrakbut very much mine :)03:18
w|zzyif you do let me know.. they could hook it in with the picture03:22
w|zzyAll figured out wpwrak ?05:19
wpwrakall i had hoped for, at least for today :) thanks a lot !05:33
wpwraki think the next step will be to map the i/os. USI call them just "GPIO_n", "SPI", etc., without mentioning which of the many units of the same kind this refers to05:35
wpwrakmaybe it's somewhere in the sources. at least the U(S)ART should be.05:35
arossdotmewpwrak: regarding my NN charging problems. it does charge but very very slowly. Though I have had it powder on while charging so it could log the bat voltage and some time powdered off. It's been 2-3days after getting it to red, 3.5v If I remember correctly. its now 3.98413:50
viriclekernel: reminded me of kickstarter ;) Is kamikaze the older release of openwrt?13:51
viricooops bad copypaste13:51
viriclekernel: reminded me of kickstarter ;) http://xkcd.com/743/13:51
arossdotmeCould any of charging circuit components get fried if they get 6vish? Didn't see any component doc on the wiki. Haven't open up & probed my NN yet btw.13:54
lekernelviric, bookmarked. will print and hang out at next ehsm.14:04
viriclekernel: great! I think it's very descriptive14:04
viricNailed it.14:04
viriclekernel: maybe you can do the 2013 drawing ;)14:05
viricyes, I remember that perfect kickstarter ;)14:05
viriclekernel: maybe the 2013 frame should include a 3d printer?  :)14:06
viric(I just reminded the edible '3d-ink' for 3d-printers, for example)14:07
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