#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-06-19

viriczear: don't link with ld. link with gcc!09:37
viricld is too low level09:37
viriczear: and put -lc at the end. symbols are resolved in the order you supply libraries.09:38
zearviric, when using ld, -lc at the end doesn't change anything10:48
zearI will need to modify the internal toolchain's makerules to link with gcc10:49
viricthen, don't supply -lc and such things10:50
viricgcc knows how to link a c program.10:50
zearwell, -lc is supplied automatically by the internal makerules :)10:51
viricld is a quite dumb linker. it doesn't know about c.10:52
zearthe whole problem is really the lack of dev documentation in the project10:52
zearand decuding everything from the comments of the headers is not exactly the good way to learn about stuff10:53
zearby the way, i always thought that when you link with gcc, it calls ld10:55
zearbut seems it's not how it is10:55
wpwrakgcc does call ld for linking. but it provides a number of options you may find hard to guess.10:59
wpwrakyou can of course strace it and see what the arguments are, then work from that10:59
zearyes, but then a new version of gcc comes with some better optimizations towards linking11:00
zearso i think always linking with gcc is safer11:00
wpwrakthere may not be a lot of changes. but yes, if something changes, then you probably wouldn't notice and spend a lot of time tracking the mystery problem down11:02
viricwpwrak: gcc -v shows all11:04
viricno need for strace11:04
zearha, that's nice11:04
wpwrakfun: .au and .nz are not counted ;-)11:08
larsccounted for what?11:10
wpwrakoops, wrong channel. on http://tweetping.net11:12
zearso how is the nanonote nowadays?11:23
zeari haven't been tracking the progress since.. 2011 or so11:24
zearare they still being sold?11:24
wpwraki think they are still available. not sure about the sales volume. i'm also not sure if sharism still sells them, or only pulster.11:34
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