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mthviric: it takes some minutes, but not a whole lot, so if you have the patch ready and it only need verification, I'd be happy to test it00:08
FreemorJust checked my E-mail. was saddened to hear about the comments on the wiki. I'd love to see another nanonote type project but totally understand it's not an easy thing and that people have other they are working on. I hope the rudeness of a few people does not cause qi-hardwares leadership to become dishartened or to think that such views are held by the rest of the community.01:02
viricmth: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.network.ssh.dropbear/136107:09
viricFreemor: is pandora far from a project like the nanonote07:09
zearxiangfu, hello, you there?14:39
shvelozear, what's up?21:01
zearmy Wikireader arrived today21:01
zearhowever I have hard time finding any (proper) dev documentation21:01
zeartried to write a simple snake game, but the linker has a hard time finding malloc and free21:01
zeardespite including stdlib.h21:02
zearxiangfu from this channel is mentioned in the Makefile headers of this project21:02
zearso i was hoping to get the info from him21:02
zearbut he doesn't seem to be online21:02
shvelobtw what is wikireader?21:03
viricshvelo: u ]velo?21:03
zearit's a portable wikipedia reader by OpenMoko21:03
zearQi-Hardware is more or less a spiritual successor of OpenMoko21:04
zearshvelo, this thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80fmaBBRhV021:04
mthzear: an include is just for the compiler, it does nothing for the linker21:30
mthif the linker can't find stuff, you have to use -L, -l or a path to a .a file21:30
viricmth: I just tried the dropbear patch in mips21:31
mthdid it work?21:33
viricyes :)21:34
viricthe bug was there since 2011, minimum21:34
zearmth, yes, and i tried it21:36
zearmth, would stdlib be part of -lc?21:37
viricstdlib.h is usually a header for symbols defined in '-lc', yes21:38
viricdo you link with gcc?21:38
viricor you try to link with ld?21:38
zearit links from ld iirc21:38
zearlet me set the compiler environment again21:38
zear-lc is present while linking21:38
zearviric, this is what i'm getting: http://pastebin.com/4vqu8GNh21:42
zearand indeed it links from ld21:42
zearmth, any clue there?22:48
mthput -lc first?22:50
mthor last22:51
mthlast, I think; that way all references to it are before the definition22:51
zearmth, oh i tried that22:51
zeari tried putting -o after libraries too22:52
zearbut it's not -static22:52
zearso it's not needed22:52
zearhowever i did try that just in case22:52
zearwith no luck22:52
mthit is libwsnake.a that cannot find the symbols from libc22:53
mthis malloc in libgcc.a maybe?22:53
zearlet me swap libgcc.a with libwsnake.a22:53
mthin any case, but libwsnake.a with your .o's22:53
zearmth, still no luck22:55
zearbut i'm starting to think this is static linking order issue indeed22:55
zearmy Makefile calls some internal toolchain makerules that generates this linking command22:57
zearin case you were wondering22:57
mthcan a static lib even refer to a dynamic lib?23:08
mthmaybe you should just extract the static lib and link its object files instead23:09
zearmth, i don't have much control of what's going on during the compilation process23:18
zearor rather - i don't really know what's going on behind all these toolchain makefiles23:18
mthyou've got the output files now, so you can link whatever way you like23:20
mthonce you find a way that works, you can look at how to do that within the system23:20
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