#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-06-12

black_warlockhello guys15:52
black_warlocki have a problem with the cpu fan15:53
pcercueiyou overclock your Nanonote? :)15:54
black_warlockwhat is nanonote?15:54
wpwrakit must be damn hard to squeeze a fan in that machine15:54
wpwrakbut i guess if you remove the speaker ... :)15:54
black_warlockaaaaaaaaaa soz15:54
black_warlocki didnt read the topic 15:55
pcercueino problem15:55
larscmaybe if you add two fans you could use them as rotors and create a flying nanonote16:01
pcercueiyou'd need two PWMs available :p16:04
larscwe'll use headphone out16:04
damo22how do people run librewrt on a nanonote if there is no ethernet ports?16:05
pcercueioh yeah, using the headphone port would work16:05
damo22if the nanonote had two ethernet ports you could use it as a router16:06
larscif it had rotors you could use it as a nano-copter16:07
damo22if it had wings it could fly too16:08
damo22i didnt realise librewrt was a distro that could run other stuff other than router software 16:09
pcercueitwo rotors are not enough by today's standards. We need at least 4 :p16:09
wpwrakand a solid fuel rocket, for that extra boost that makes it look so cool in the youtube video16:16
wpwrakhmm, i'd like to propose a new jargon item: apocalyptical programming: writing code as if there's no tomorrow, especially not the sort of tomorrow in which you'll have to maintain the piece of garbage you've just written19:04
whitequarkwpwrak: I think it makes more sense to introduce non-apocalyptical programming19:05
wpwrakthe apocalyptical variant seems to come very naturally to a lot of people ...19:08
wpwraklovely example: FreeRTOS19:09
wpwrakoutforks even a C fork-bomb19:09
larscthere seem mostly to be different degrees of when people expect the apocalypse19:32
wpwrakseems that quite a few are rather certain that it will happen between the next paycheck and the one (not) following it19:36
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