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kyakby mistyping 'ss hhostname' i accidentaly discovered 'ss' utility15:06
abehello everybody, maybe silly question but does somebody know how to configure multiple monitors to be viewed as one big monitor? Or any web site with guidelines to do that? I only can find the basic configuration of multiple screen (duplicate or extend), but that is not my need15:15
kyakwrong channel16:19
larscmth: hm, that looks a bit strange21:24
wpwraklarsc: impaired vision is a common consequence of jet-lag :) try flying LAX-HEL and then walking on a tiled floor. it's very interesting what happens to those lines as your brain tries to keep up.22:09
mthlarsc: I'd rather have it without the #if defined checks, but cpm_uhc_phy() doesn't exist when compiling for only 474022:19
mthand the phy interface is only used for OTG, not for host-only controllers, as far as I can see22:20
mththe same register also contains some settings that control the signal on the data pins, so it's not just about power22:21
mthso modeling it as a regulator is not ideal either22:22
mthI also looked at adding dmaengine support for 477022:23
mthbut there is no easy way to test it22:24
mththe test driver needs memcpy capability, which isn't implemented yet in your engine22:24
mththe audio driver we have for the 4770 is not similar enough to the 4740's to make it easy to apply the same changes22:25
mthit could be very similar as far as I know, but it just isn't at the moment; it needs cleanups22:25
mth(the codec is entirely different, but that's not relevant for dma)22:26
mthand converting the 4770 mmc driver needs sg support, which isn't implemented yet in the dmaengine either22:26
mthso I decided to first clean up the drivers and then try again22:26
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