#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2013-06-06

mthlarsc: I managed to get the ohci-jz4740 driver working on the jz4770 by modifying a few lines11:26
mththe 4770 has additional power on/off toggle bits for the UHC11:26
mththey're located in the CPM11:27
mthI was wondering whether to model them as a regulator or as a usb phy11:27
mththe hw docs suggest phy is where it belongs11:30
mththe generic ohci driver doesn't seem to do anything with struct usb_phy11:31
mthbut for example ohci-exynos does init + enable the phy on probe and disable + exit on remove11:31
mthanother option is simply adding jz4770 specific code in the driver and use an id table11:44
mthI think I'll do that; I don't really want to create an entirely new driver for controlling two bits11:45
mthlarsc: http://www.treewalker.org/temp/ohci-jz4770.diff12:52
mthis that a valid way of doing it?12:52
Majstaanyone here14:55
Majstanow anyone15:15
wpwrakbtw, has anyone heard of broadcom's "wiced" line of chips/modules ? they all seem to be rather closed, even with a proprietary SDK. i wonder just what level of devilry is involved there.15:25
yangtut to se da resiti20:01
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