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mthlarsc: why does jz4740_dma_probe() return -EINVAL rather than -ENOMEM if devm_kzalloc returns NULL?10:01
larscmth: that's a mistake12:03
mthok, then I won't copy that into the 4770 dma engine12:13
larscis the jz4770 dma controller that different?12:59
mthnot very different, but not exactly the same either13:25
mthby the way, there is still a hardcoded "6" in the last patch of the series13:25
mthin jz4740_dma_irq()13:25
larscI see, thanks13:27
mththe 4770 has 12 DMA channels, but they are split over two identical DMA controllers, so I think I can model that as two separate devices13:29
mthone difference I encountered is that the 4770 doesn't have single vs block mode anymore13:30
mthand the list of transfer types is different, but I think it only adds to it without conflicts (needs to be verified though)13:30
mthdo you think it makes sense to share the same driver?13:33
mthand if so, using #ifdef CONFIG_MACH_JZ4770 as a check, or a runtime check?13:34
larscusing a platform_device_id table\13:34
mthso there would be a "jz4740-dma" and a "jz4770-dma" entry in that table?13:38
mthand the associated driver_data would be an enum or flags or a pointer?13:38
mthwould it make sense to use the "jz_" prefix in function names rather than "jz4740_"?13:40
larscI don't think it really matters13:45
larscIt's quite common to just use the name of the first supported device even if support for similar devices is added later13:45
mththe patches you submitted, could they be included in 3.10 or is this for 3.11 already?13:50
mthby the way, Dmitry Smagin and Antony Pavlov are modernizing and cleaning the 4750D kernel13:57
mthso there could be an opportunity in the future to get a wider range of SoCs supported13:57
larscgood :)14:01
larscBtw. I've got devicetree working for most of jz474014:03
mthif I understood it correctly, devicetree is a way to put the platform data in the boot loader instead of the board source?14:32
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