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mogwolfspraul, !03:53
lekernelroh, do you know how they make this http://www.herzapfelhof.de/Laserapfel-Herzapfelhof-Video ?17:58
rohlekernel: no clue.. some laser engraver?18:07
rohi dont see whats special18:07
lekernelhow you make it white, and not burn etc.18:24
rohquestion of modulating the power properly..18:25
rohi guess that it makes the apple not stay fresh for long, since it will remove some of the surface18:26
rohso its rather a marketing hoax from my pov18:26
larscthey say that they apply paint18:27
lekernelever tried that on your laser cutter?18:28
rohonly on metal18:29
rohthere is some stuff which makes it possible to mark steel18:29
rohbut i wouldnt use it on food. it has an X on it.18:30
lekernelsome sort of toner/paint that fuses on the metal, right?18:33
rohlekernel: something like that.. but its not nice to apply, so we basically dont use it19:16
lekernelroh, what are the current rfa projects by the way?19:24
lekernelwhat are the cool things happening in raumfahrtagentur those days?19:25
rohuh. good question.. too lots to line it up19:27
roheverybody has its own projects.. i dont have any overview there19:28
lekernela few examples then?19:30
rohi do custumer projects, gismo selling bikes etc... some people sew stuff, some print.. somebody designing wooden designerchairs, prototyping in scale on the laser...19:31
rohthe garden is in action...19:31
rohalso i have quite something to do keeping stuff alive.. we have quite some wear on infrastucture...19:32
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