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reyreybtz64007anybody can help me to choose a PSU? 15:35
kyakwrong channel15:46
mcarlaHi, as a student trying to waste some time on FPGA, after some search I have found two interesting projects: fpgatools and torc21:10
mcarlaactually torc seams to cover all the features of fpgatools and more, is it true?21:10
larscdepends on what torc does ;) fpgatools is rather rudimenatry at the moment21:15
mcarlaI'm just curious why wolfspraul started this new project instead of using the existing one (maybe is a dead project?)21:15
mcarlaI'm not sure what torcs "really" does21:16
mcarlaif you read the existing documentation, not much, it does everithyng21:16
mcarlaand the source code seams to be unmodified since 201121:17
mcarlaI'm talking about this: http://torc-isi.sourceforge.net/documentation.php21:18
arossdotme1wpwrak: hi. please could you enable xz support for uploads on projects.qi thanks21:32
lekerneldoesn't look like there is much there .(22:10
lekernelhmm...  "typedef boost::uint32_t uint32_t;"22:11
lekerneland haven't seen any routing stuff, which is the hardest part imo22:13
lekernelfpgatools has some of it, but it's crippled with bugs22:13
mcarlalekernel: fpgatools has some routing support?22:49
mcarlayes, the source code seams quite messed up or inexistent, but documentation assert that everything is woking fine22:51
mcarlajust trying to understand what is real and what is not22:51
lekernelI think fpgatools is the most advanced atm22:53
lekernelyes, there is some routing support, but it's badly broken22:54
mcarlaok, hope to find some time to play with it22:56
lekernelone first task would be to unbreak the routing when you move the LUT even by just one position in the gate ("hello world") demo22:57
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