#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-05-29

apeletelarsc: looking at qi-kernel.git, I see that there's 2 other branches: jz-3.9-clk (which sits on top of jz-3.9), and jz-3.9-rc8 which seems to differ a lot in terms of commit history, but contains a "Update qi_lb60 defconfig to v3.9" commit09:43
apeletewhich one should I base my work on ? (since jz-3.9 does not seem to boot with 2012-24-10 qi's ubi+rootfs image)09:45
larscit boots for me09:48
apeleteha. that means there's something wrong with my setup09:49
larscanyway lunch, bbl09:49
apeletelarsc: bon app├ętit :)09:49
larscapelete: what do you get on your console if you boot the custom image?15:00
apeletelarsc: you mean the custom jlime image ? it boots fine but I do not have a busybox shell15:16
larscyou need to pass init=/etc/preinit15:17
larscI added that to my bootargs in the u-boot environment15:17
apeleteah, didn't know that15:22
apeletebut then qi's u-boot already has that patch, hasn't it ?15:23
larscbut qi's kernel15:24
apeleteok, I thought it was due to jlime not having busybox installed, but didn't have much time to further debug that issue15:29
apelete(so I just installed an openwrt image on sdcard instead)15:31
apeleteanyway, I'll take some time to debug my kernel 3.9 issue tonight (don't know yet why it doesn't boot), when I get back from work15:33
apeleteif I'm lucky maybe I can start testing my driver (insmod'ing it basically, to see if it registers with usbcore at least)15:36
apeletelarsc: still unable to boot a kernel built with branch jz-3.9 (make distclean and recompiled it does not help): http://paste.debian.net/7170/22:50
apeleteqi's kernel 3.3.8 boots fine though: http://paste.debian.net/7183/22:52
wpwrakapelete: try adding  init=/etc/preinit  to the boot command line22:53
wpwrakyou can do this by wrestling with u-boot or simply by setting the kernel config options CONFIG_CMDLINE_BOOL, CONFIG_CMDLINE, and CONFIG_CMDLINE_OVERRIDE22:54
wpwrakCONFIG_CMDLINE="mem=32M console=tty0 console=ttyS0,57600n8 ubi.mtd=2 rootfstype=ubifs root=ubi0:rootfs rw rootwait loglevel=7 init=/etc/preinit"22:54
wpwrakthat way the kernel simply ignores whatever u-boot provides and uses something that actually works :)22:55
apeleteah, will try that and let you know how it goes. thanks !22:55
apeletewpwrak: it boots ! http://paste.debian.net/7447/23:18
apeletethanks a lot !23:18
apeletecan finally get some sleep, will test the driver tomorrow23:19
apeletegood night23:19
wpwraksleep ? champagne ! ;-)23:29
apeleteha ha :)23:33
apeletecouldn't resist to test the driver right away, it does not seems to do much: http://paste.debian.net/7450/23:33
apeletewell, at least the kernel didn't crash, NN still running fine23:36
apeletenow I can go to bed, debugging will wait a few hours of sleep :)23:37
apeletegood night23:38
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