#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2013-05-27

apeletehello everyone10:18
viricmh kernels get bigger and bigger. openwrt on 16MB of RAM got stuck at 2.6.32 I think10:19
virichow big is the nanonote kernel now?  dmesg | fgrep "kernel code"10:20
larsc7MB maybe10:24
apeletelarsc: I noticed while playing with the serial output on the NN this week-end that the serial console was read only, there's no shell prompt at the end of kernel boot process (using qi kernel 3.9 here)10:24
larscif you press the 'S' key while powering on the device write will also be enabled10:25
viriclarsc: was it so big on, let's say, 2.6.36?10:26
larscso compressed was < 2MB now it is > 2MB10:27
viricopenwrt had about a 2MB diff between 2.6.32 and 3.310:27
virichm do you correlate much the file size with the kernel size in ram?10:27
viric(I mean, memory not available to the system)10:27
apeletelarsc: secret boot command, that's nice :). will try it later (I'm at work right now), thanks.10:27
larscapelete: rx is off by default because otherwise, if no serial is connected and the pin is floating you'll receivce bogus data10:33
viriclarsc: the 'reserved' memory may have changed, too, right? that wouldn't be in the kernel file10:38
larscwhat do you mean bt reserved?11:33
apeletelarsc: ok I see. I read something like that on the wiki (http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Serial_console#The_RXD_wire) but wasn't sure about what to do about it11:52

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