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chris888is Wolfgang still around?06:27
Fallenouwhitequark: were there a lot of assholes like me who did the log2 ? :)12:21
whitequarkFallenou: two, currently12:22
Fallenousorry about that =)12:24
Fallenouso you are happy with your asus laptop ?12:25
FallenouI bought the UX31A for my mother, she likes it, but she's not a developer/hacker12:26
whitequarkFallenou: I am12:27
whitequarkhigh-DPI display is amazing, 18G of RAM and nice i7 are good for compilation12:27
FallenouI imagine you hesitated (or at least thought about) with Lenovo stuff?12:27
Fallenouyes the screen is really good :)12:27
FallenouIPS full HD12:27
whitequarkI only have mostly one complaint12:28
whitequarkthe ACPI is really damn bad12:28
whitequarkrace conditions, unsupported features, etc.12:28
FallenouWhat OS are you using?12:28
whitequark(races) for example, if you unplug the laptop while it's in S3 and then wake it up, it wakes up and immediately receives another "lid closed" event12:28
whitequarkDebian with recent kernels12:28
whitequark3.8-rc currently12:28
whitequarkhowever power saving doesn't suffer and discrete GPU works really well12:29
whitequarkso it's still worth the fuss12:29
Fallenouis the switch between Intel GPU and NVIDIA one working with Linux?12:29
Fallenouno troubles with USB3 Intel controler?12:29
whitequarkapt-get install bumblebee; optirun wine ~/steam/portal12:30
Fallenouwo :)12:30
whitequarkno, not really12:30
whitequarkum wait12:30
whitequarkI had to tweak PCIe autosuspend12:30
whitequarkthe controller used to not wake up when there was no AC power12:31
Fallenouwait, you were saying, yours has 18 GB of RAM??12:31
whitequarkecho on >/sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:14.0/power/control12:31
whitequarkFallenou: yes12:31
FallenouI didn't know they had this kind of choice :)12:31
whitequarkoh, not 1812:31
whitequark18 is theoretical maximum12:31
Fallenou10 GB, that's rare in customer market12:31
whitequarkwhen there will be 16GB on a single board12:31
whitequarkFallenou: it wasn't out of the box12:32
Fallenouoh ok12:32
whitequarkthey have 2GB soldered on the MB12:32
whitequarkand another 2GB (I think) on a board12:32
whitequarkor 4GB12:32
Fallenouon UX31A  it's soldered as well12:32
whitequarkI installed 8GB12:32
Fallenouis the dual channel still working well?12:33
Fallenousorry for all the questions, but currently I have a macbookpro and I may in maybe one year buy another laptop, I wonder if it will be a Lenovo or Asus or maybe something else12:34
whitequarkhow do I check?12:34
whitequarkwell, it boots :)12:34
FallenouI don't really know how to check12:34
whitequarkI never really understood the dual-channel thingy12:35
Fallenoubut I just know that if a few requirements are not OK dual channel is not working and you lose in memory bandwidth12:35
whitequarkplus, I don't think any of my workloads have memory bandwidth as a bottleneck12:35
Fallenoulike "not having the same amount of ram in the two channels"12:35
whitequarkeither CPU or I/O12:35
Fallenouyes its usually blury to understand what are the REAL requirements of dual channel12:35
whitequarkyoure going to try *really* hard to bump into memory bandwidth, no?12:35
Fallenouno I'm just asking, I have no plan or precise use case12:36
Fallenouusual use cases for me are checking emails, IRC, twitter, compiling toolchains and kernels12:36
Fallenouand sometimes FPGA synthesis12:36
whitequarkI think you're fine with UX32VD for all of the above12:36
whitequarkwith maybe 8GB stick for Xilinx ISE12:37
whitequarkit should also get cheaper now...12:37
Fallenoumy desktop computer handles well Xilinx ISE stuff with 8 GB12:37
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