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mthlarsc: don't we need the DMA engine running earlier than "module" time for the (S)LCD drivers?07:58
larscwith probe deferal this will all work nicely07:59
mthis that something new?07:59
mthbecause I had to force for example the I2C driver to be probed earlier to make sure it was ready for other drivers to use08:00
mthalso I'm not sure if you saw this one yesterday: you could use devm_request_irq in the last DMA patch, now that DMA is a device08:00
larscYes, it is something new08:01
mthbut that could lead to the (S)LCD driver to be postponed to very late in the boot process?08:10
mthI'd like to have it up and running as soon as possible, to give feedback about the boot to the user08:10
larscthe difference will maybe be half a second08:12
mthin the case of OpenDingux' super minimal boot loader, the (S)LCD driver is even the first sign of life from the device08:13
mthwell, except the power LED, but the A320 doesn't have one (the Zero does, but on the prototype hardware it doesn't work)08:14
mthI know there is no guarantee the (S)LCD driver will be probed early even if it doesn't have to defer, but I was hoping to be able to force that with a relatively simple hack08:15
larscLets see how well it works, we can still change it later08:15
mcarlaanyone know if it exists some kind of lib to do edif parsing?08:43
virichellekin: sheevaplug!13:23
virichm screen-less doesn't count, I guess :)13:23
hellekinviric: wouldn't be too complicated to add graphics capabilities to a sheevaplug to make it the first FSF-endorsed SBC, or maybe turn the Nanonote into an SBC edition?13:24
hellekinor maybe we need to kick asses and tell the Nouveau developers to work on a free chip instead of nVidia (remembering lekernel meeting curro in Berlin and red bulleting him on wasting his brains on proprietary hw)13:29
hellekinhttp://limadriver.org/ or that13:30
hellekinbut it's still ARM, so...13:31
viricthere are the longsoon computers too13:33
virichellekin: well, I think that the plugs are already a bit endorsed through the 'freedombox'13:35
hellekinviric: the {sheeva,guru,dream}plugs still use ARM, so although they run free software, they still run on proprietary hw, right?13:52
larschellekin: there is no board with doesn't have some kind of proprietary hw14:02
hellekinlarsc: even the nanonote and the milkymist?14:04
hellekineven openmoko?14:06
whitequarkget yourself a LED14:07
whitequarkit's proprietary14:07
larscor a resistor14:07
whitequarkwell, you can make resistors yourself, it's not that hard14:08
whitequarkLEDs, on the other hand, you likely cannot14:08
larscbut the resistor on the board is proprietary14:08
whitequarkit's just that at the level of complexity that LEDs have, and their applications, it doesn't matter that much.14:08
hellekinah yes, well, we're not yet in the age of home-printed electronics.14:14
larscbut openmoko, etc also use ARM chips14:15
larscso they aren't any different from the *plug in that regard14:16
whitequarkopenmoko in particular used a very bad GPU14:16
whitequarknot just non-free, but also quite crappy14:16
Action: larsc wrote the xorg driver for it14:16
whitequarkunlike eg Mali in Exynos14:17
larscalthough only 2d acceleration14:17
whitequark(though, rpi with its powervr continues that nice practice)14:17
larscthe most painfull thing about the gpu chip was that it also was the mmc host controller and only connected via a slow 16 bit bus to the main cpu14:18
larscthe graphics performance of the gta01 was better14:19
larscalthough there was no acceleration at all14:19
hellekinoh, something quite different, but that shocked me two days ago. I went to a computer shop to pick up a restored motherboard. I took the opportunity to ask for the availability of mSATA SSD to boost my laptop. 14:21
whitequarklemme guess14:22
hellekinnot only the techie didn't know about mSATA SSD, but he explained me that importing such electronics in Argentina, although the country does not produce them, is illegal.14:22
hellekinyes Thinkpad :)14:22
whitequarkoh, that.14:22
whitequarkhellekin: afaik, thinkpad does the VID/PID lock thingy14:22
whitequarkso you have to patch BIOS in order to boot it with non-thinkpad memory, HDD, ...14:22
larscI have a ssd in my thinkpad14:22
larscrandom ssd14:23
larscand I also had non thinkpad ram in one of my older thinkpads14:23
larscand HDD as well14:24
whitequarkmaybe it's a recent thing14:24
hellekinwhitequark: oh that would explain why I couldn't boot from the SD card14:24
viricwhat are "such electronics" that can't be imported?14:25
hellekinviric: anything that is supposedly not produced in Argentina14:25
hellekinlike pacemakers :P14:25
viricYou can only import things that are produced in aregntina?14:25
hellekinviric: no you can't import shit. Well, it's very restricted and very controlled. Ask werner how he feels about it.14:26
hellekinthat is, if there's an Argentinian production, you can't import an equivalent (or often better) foreign version.14:27
viricit's weird that you are banned to import specifically those things *not* produced in the country.14:27
hellekinexcept that for electronics and chemicals, they tend to forbid by default14:27
hellekinviric: yes, that's a weird country14:28
viricthen it's the opposite of what you said14:28
viricYou can't import what *is* supposedly produced in Argentina14:28
viricyou said "what is *not* produced".14:28
hellekinah yes sorry14:28
larscand if you are allowed to import you still have to pay a 100% tax14:30
hellekinyes, and now they limited people from buying more than USD100 of goods outside the country per month or trimester 14:31
viricwell, here all local products are more expensive than foreign products.14:31
hellekinviric: where is here?14:32
viricit's all very unbalanced14:32
virichellekin: European Union14:32
viricthat isn't a good situation either14:32
hellekinyeah, they tend to pay the workers14:33
virichellekin: when there are jobs to do.14:33
larscthey put up a high tax on importing solar panels recently14:33
hellekinnot in Spain :]14:33
hellekinWTF? These politicians are so backwards. 14:33
virichere it's forbidden in many places, to have solar panels14:34
hellekinforbidden? I don't remember it was forbidden in France or Germany14:34
larschellekin: this was done because chinese panels are highly subsidized14:35
viricLocal laws. They damage the 'picture' of the countryside.14:35
hellekinin France, the surplus electricity you produced used to be bought at a high price14:35
larscviric: but the pollution from power plants doesnt?14:36
hellekinlarsc: ah. Fair then. Too bad Africa won't tax imported dairies and food from EU14:36
viriclarsc: no, doesn't. :)14:36
hellekinviric: polluticians. Polluticians.14:36
viricHere the electricity is very expensive, because the government had a deal with the deployment of gas-power-plants.14:39
viric(I talk about the whole Spain)14:39
viriclots of gas power plants were deployed, at the same time when people started to deploy renewable energy (solar plants, windmills, ...)14:40
hellekinhmmm... This VID/PID lock is going to bother me I guess. Looking at the Thinkpad forums, it all talks about Windows. Of course, I don't know, have, nor want Windows. All I want is to boot on an mSATA SSD14:41
hellekinmaybe I should supply my data to Coreboot ASAP :]14:41
viricThe peak energy used in the country is half the capacity of production14:41
hellekinso electricity should be cheap14:41
viricBut in the energy market, the renewables start selling at very low price (it's free for them to produce electricitY)14:41
hellekinan example of (again) bad political planning14:42
viricAnd only if the renewables don't produce enough, the oil, gas, etc... take part, and the price gets higher in the auction14:42
viricthe government had the deal with the gas plants. So, we all have to pay the non-working gas plants .14:42
hellekinthe rich should pay for the failures of the governments14:42
viricMoreover, the public messages about the "high price of energy" are about "renewable energies are too expensive".14:43
hellekinso that they have an incentive to make the policies work better14:43
hellekinfor all14:43
viricso all gets upside dow14:43
apeletehellekin: what thinkpad model do you have the lock problem on ? I was thinking about buying a thinkpad lately, to replace my aging X6014:43
hellekinfucking propaganda. OK, I need to cut short this conversation or I will end up burning a flag :]14:44
viricwe should every day burn a flag14:45
hellekinapelete: I didn't test it yet, so I don't know whether there's an issue. It's a T430. Works like a charm so far. Won't boot on an SD card, but USB is fine. When I have the mSATA I can update you14:45
hellekin+1 viric14:45
viricbut that'd take you to prison :)14:45
hellekinalthough it would become a senseless habit pretty fast14:45
virichellekin: you may want to watch this...14:46
hellekinone night, I was drunk, I stole a flag in a border town. I thought it was the local flag. I wanted to burn it. But then in the morning I realize it was the other side's flag. That made it to local papers. All kinds of speculations went on about it. I created jobs!14:47
virichellekin: http://www.nuevomodeloenergetico.org/pgs2/14:47
virichellekin: I mean the Oligopoly2 youtube film 14:47
viricbut it's about what I just told yo.14:48
hellekinnice thank you14:48
apeletehellekin: please do so, I would really like to know if some models are locked indedd14:56
hellekinapelete: according to that list, only one mSATA "cache" 32GB SSD is "authorized". That would be terrible. http://download.lenovo.com/parts/ThinkPad/t430_t430i_fru_bom_20130410.pdf18:51
wpwrakhellekin: (import restriction) naw, that doesn't sound right. as an individual, you can import most things. just make sure they don't connect to mains.19:31
hellekinwpwrak: mains?19:31
wpwrakhellekin: the USD 100 restriction is for cash withdrawal at ATMs, not for general card use. if you use cash back (where available), you can even circumvent that.19:32
hellekinah interesting. Good to know19:32
hellekinI've heard this morning from a neighbor that sales at shops, including supermarkets, dropped drsatically in the last couple of weeks19:33
wpwrak(mains) anything > ~50 V19:34
hellekinso I can order a miraplug and it won't cost me an eye?19:35
wpwrakwhat's a miraplug ?19:36
hellekinlike a sheevaplug, but with 2 ethernet ports19:36
hellekinand wifi19:36
wpwraksheevaplug connects to mains ...19:37
hellekinhmmm, but that's 12V. OK I get it. 19:37
hellekinAt least I should be able to import an mSATA SSD :P19:38
hellekinwell, if they don't tax it like crazy19:38
wpwrakyou generally pay around 50% of the declared value19:38
wpwrakoh, and make sure the total value of the shipment doesn't exceed USD 100019:39
hellekinnah, that's a 150$ thingie19:39
wpwrak(12 V) if it operates with 12 V and does not include a wall wart, mains cable, or mains plug, you should be safe19:40
hellekinI got in touch with someone who's into drones19:41
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