#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-05-22

larscapelete: looks good I suppose22:17
apeletelarsc: thanks for looking. I'll load it into the NN kernel as soon as possible to test it, before continuing the implementation22:36
apeletelarsc: one question though. it seems I'll need some specifications about the usb chip to implement some features (like interrupt, power or clock management); is there some datasheet somewhere ? how can I get these hardware data ?22:41
larsctake it look at the jz4740-udc driver22:43
larscand how it handles these things22:43
apeleteok, that's what I thought but wasn't sure22:43
apelete(I looked here http://en.ingenic.cn/product.aspx?ID=60 too but found nothing in those datasheets)22:44
larscyea, theres nothing in there22:45
larscanyway, I'll be gone for a few hours22:46
apeletelarsc: I'll let you know when I start writing interrupt management code, I'll probably need some guidance if you don't mind22:49
apelete<larsc> anyway, I'll be gone for a few hours22:50
apeleteno problem, I'm going to bed anyway22:50
apeletethanks, and see you soon.22:51
--- Thu May 23 201300:00

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