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virickyak: I didn't update any hash...07:34
virickyak: shouldn't have changed.07:34
virickyak: thank you for the packaging!07:35
kyakviric: but it changed.. i have two v0.6 tarballs, the only difference is in doc/home.wiki07:37
viricauhm I'll check. shouuld't happen07:40
viricI'll look at it later! thank you07:41
larscevil hackers at work ;)07:51
kyakviric: http://tt-rss.org/redmine/projects/tt-rss/wiki - a competitor for offrss :)08:14
virickyak: php ? mysql/postgress? MB> HCB:0? :)09:36
virickyak: what difference did you see in doc/home.wiki? I tried and I can't find anything09:54
kyakviric: http://bpaste.net/show/100080/10:58
virickyak: still using 3rd party servers? :)12:35
virickyak: what url are you downloading? I download the 0.6 url, and I get the old version of that file12:36
kyakviric: no, tt-rss is hosted on your own server16:18
kyakviric: http://vicerveza.homeunix.net/~viric/cgi-bin/filegive/tarball/filegive-0.6.tar.gz16:19
mogwolfspraul, ! reping 16:33
lekernelmog, :)17:11
wpwrak"filegive easily sends files point-to-point, with authentication and ciphering, with no software requirements on the receiving side. No third party server is involved in the transfer." duh ?18:08
wpwrak's see .. no software require on the receiver, not even 3rd party. so how does that work ? quantum teleportation on the magnetic particles of the hard disk ?18:09
wpwrakand "ciphering" ... let's say what "dict" has to offer ... ah yes, From Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Revised 6th Ed (1856) [bouvier]: "3. When it is suspected that, a cipher becomes known to the cabinet where the minister is residing, recourse is had to a preconcerted sign in order to annul, entirely or in part, what has been written in cipher, or rather to indicate that the contents are to be understood in an inverted or contrary sense.18:14
wpwrak A cipher of reserve is also employed in extraordinary cases." yes, that sounds plausible.18:14
kyakwhen mentioning the software required on reciever, should one explicitely mention an operating system?18:23
kyaki guess not. .because it is implied18:23
kyakthe same, everyone has internet browser18:23
wpwrakalright, i hope tsx-11 is okay :)18:23
kyakthus it is not mentioned18:24
kyakoh.. yo ushould also mentioned that "a  computer" is required18:24
kyakor should you?18:24
wpwrakinternet browser ... i'll pick chimera then18:24
wpwrakso that thing is browser-based ? that's what the description should say then18:26
wpwrakand perhaps also what features it expects in the browser ? just html ? does it need cookies ? javascript ?18:26
wpwrakif already the description is that sloppy, what can you expect of the protocol ?18:27
kyakyou are just being picky18:27
wpwrakcommunication protocols are nontrivial. even less so if their authors think they are ;-)18:27
wpwraknaw, that's just a useless description18:28
kyakstop being geek for a second. It's as easy as 'wget url'18:28
kyakno "communication protocols", "cookies", wtf18:28
wpwrakso how does it work ?18:28
wpwrakdoes it set up a local web server ?18:29
kyakfilegive runs an http server, serving the chosen file18:29
wpwrakaha !18:29
wpwrakcan it traverse NAT ?18:29
kyakit does handle upnp18:30
kyakso your router must support that18:30
kyakit can also use ssh tunnel for that18:30
wpwrakah, now come the details :)18:30
virickyak: bad url. ?uuid=v0.619:04
viricwpwrak: what's that rant about? ;)19:05
viricyou like the 'no software requirements', right? haha19:06
viricwhere did you see that text, btw?19:07
wpwrakon the first hit i get for filegive: http://freecode.com/projects/filegive19:08
viricah ok! I'll update that text a bit19:08
wpwrakgood :)19:10
wpwrakbtw, you may want to add one or two timeouts instead of a session counter. e.g., time until the last transfer has to start, allowing any number of transfers until that time.19:23
wpwrakand maybe a deadline extension each time an existing transfer does something. that way, you can also cover reconnects.19:24
viricsession counter?19:24
wpwrakthe -n X limit19:24
viricwell, that mainly gives multiple URLs19:26
viricand it checks that for each URL, someone downloaded until the end.19:26
viricIf all URLs are downloaded until the end, it shuts down19:26
viricThe alternative is -N, which never shuts down19:27
wpwrakah, so it already handles reconnects ?19:27
viricyes sure19:27
viricit checks if the download reached the end19:27
viric(if you use a tricky downloading client that submits multiple requests of byte ranges, and the last one reaches the end, it will shut down too, regardless of the first :)19:27
wpwrakyeah, the client could out-optimize itself :) but then, multiple parallel sessions are generally frowned upon19:28
kyakviric: now i get the third different md5sum when using uuid=v0.619:31
kyakalso, the file name is like filegive-0.6.tar.gz?uuid=v0.619:31
kyakwhich is not convenient19:31
virickyak: the download url is: http://viric.name/cgi-bin/filegive/tarball/filegive-0.6.tar.gz?uuid=v0.619:31
viricYou can't omit things :)19:31
virichm problems with the file name? grmbl19:33
viricthe tarball is generated 'live'...19:34
kyakdid i download just the latest head when using the link without ?uuid=v0.6 ?19:35
virickyak: yes, trunk.19:35
kyakif so, this explains..19:35
kyakoh, ok, the file name is not a problem19:37
viricno? perfect!19:37
kyaki thought makepkg would complain19:37
kyakbut it doesn't care19:37
viricclever makepkg19:37
virickyak: thank you for your work!19:45
kyakviric: no, thank you!20:03
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