#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2013-05-18

larscmth: I want to send a few patches upstream, can I add your Sob to patches you authored?12:14
mthwhich patches exactly? some are OK to send, some are not ready12:22
larscthe dma clk patches12:36
viricI thought it was song of a beach :)12:45
viriclarsc: wtf sob    confirms that.12:46
viricbsdgames wtf12:48
viricthe internet dictionary.12:48
viricof acronyms12:49
larscah ok12:49
mthc12659c900c836e6f4627ba14b8c436155dc124a is ok12:55
mthccd89907396390bb184784d37b2495bffff30b1f is ok12:56
mthe0cd03a1217d06f167c37d624222992dc1c9a69d has a TODO in it that should be resolved before sending upstream12:57
larscI'm only talking about the first two12:58
mth83986fced6ad653c8babd67020b7b2cfe00cd3ee is not DMA related, but could be sent12:58
mthadding signed-off-by is ok for the first two12:59
larscwpwrak: do I still need special patches to boot v3.10-rc1 on the nanonote?15:00
wpwraki thnk you'll need to do something about the command line15:02
wpwrakand possibly about the NAND data partition15:03
wpwrakand of course any the missing drivers15:03
wpwraki have the command line set as follows: CONFIG_CMDLINE="mem=32M console=tty0 console=ttyS0,57600n8 ubi.mtd=2 rootfstype=ubifs root=ubi0:rootfs rw rootwait loglevel=7 init=/etc/preinit"15:04
larscI have that in my u-boot environment15:04
wpwrakincluding the preinit ?15:04
larscI was more thinking along the lines of the boot issue you had before15:04
wpwrak(preinit) lucky you :)15:05
larscwell I changed it15:05
wpwrakthose were mainly lack of the data partition and not having the preinit15:05
wpwrakwithout the preinit, owrt also sort of comes up, but it's very messed up15:05
larschm, I'm hitting a WARN_ON_ONCE(irqs_disabled()); in idle.c15:05
wpwrakah that was the MIPS bug, wasn't it ?15:06
larscyes, but I can't find the patch in your tree anymore15:07
wpwrakthis one: https://github.com/wpwrak/ben-wpan-linux/commit/cd1f890d09bee7a72b0332672450843cc8ceb50d15:08
wpwrakand the SLAB changes are 662b0cd7a593222b8f45a21e6d42c0ab8884eea615:08
larsclooks like the slab patch already made it into next15:10
wpwrakisn't next 3.11 ?15:11
wpwrakwell, some *next* are :)15:11
larscwoha, mounting the ubi image is quite slow without the performance improvements15:13
mogwolfspraul, !16:30
moghow goes16:30
mogwolfspraul, i am bugging you about fpgatools like you asked16:42
kyakviric: your website is now down?18:14
kyakviric: uh, working again!18:21
kyakviric: any idea why md5sum of filegive-0.6.tar.gz has changed? :)18:27
kyakyou changed the wiki page18:30
kyakit got into release18:30
kyakdunno if it happened automatically or not. If you really just updated the tarball in-place without version bump, that's not good :)18:35
kyakviric: i've packaged filegive: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/filegive19:34
--- Sun May 19 201300:00

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