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--- Fri May 17 201300:00
pcercueiwpwrak: hi04:04
arossDOTmesite back it seams04:55
arossDOTmelooking at the NN innards photos on the wiki. Could my mic interference problem be partly from the mic being right next to the lcd cable?04:57
wpwrakgrmbl. router crashed. it does that infrequently enough that i usually don't check for it before resetting that poor innocent gateway pc on the other end.09:47
wpwrakwell, switch, not router09:49
Fallenou_arossDOTme: you can try disabling the screen while recording to see if there are still interferences18:26
Fallenou_I guess there must be a sysfs command to disable LCD output18:29
Freemorxrandr should be able to disable the lcd display19:13
wpwrakhmm, download.qi-hw is still down. this is getting rather inconvenient :-(20:02
pcercueiwpwrak, hi20:05
pcercueido you have space in your living room?20:05
wpwrakhmm yes, i could store the files there :)20:06
pcercueiwhy not :)20:06
wpwrakdownload would be a bit difficult, though20:07
pcercueiI'll be in Buenos Aires in ~3 weeks20:07
pcercueiI was wondering if you could host me for a few days :p20:07
pcercueiI'll pay in beer20:08
wpwrakah, why not. i'll have a friend visiting for the weekend in 2 weeks, but after that, it would be fine20:09
wpwraklemme check the dates20:09
pcercueiI think I will be in Mendoza around the ~620:14
wpwrakfrom there, it's just a short walk to BUE ;-)20:19
pcercueiindeed :)20:21
pcercueiafter a 120h bus ride from Colombia to Chile, I can handle going to Buenos Aires20:21
wpwrak120 h ? wow20:24
viricwpwrak: do you remember I payed the sending of one CD of the GPL software of a videocamera I bought?20:25
viricwpwrak: it never arrived.20:25
wpwrakviric: a CD ? from where to where ? no, don't remember anyone mentioning sending CDs around20:26
virichalf a year ago20:26
wpwrakand did you send it to a particularly strange place ?20:26
viricJVC videocamera. I requested the source of the gpl software in the camera.20:26
wpwrakah :)20:26
viricnah, I guess they didn't move a finger20:26
wpwrakmaybe tell the good folks from gpl violations 20:27
viricwell, they'll tell me to insist a bit more than clicking on a website. I'll try to ring.20:27
wpwrakthat could be20:36
viricthey try all courtesy first20:37
wpwrakif you carry a big enough stick, you can afford to be friendly :)20:38
viricin that case, most meaning isn't conveyed by words :)20:40
wpwrakit's your power that should frighten them and your politeness acts as a reminder :)20:41
kyakit reminds me how nokia once sent me the gpl sources for N7321:00
kyaki had to setup my FTP for that, no kidding21:00
kyakso they could upload it there21:00
viricclear, filegive didn't exist21:00
kyakit tooks around 3 months maybe21:01
wpwrak"ftp push" ;-)21:01
virickyak: how did you negotiate? By e-mail? phone?21:01
kyakviric: by e-,ail21:01
kyaki don't even know what the hell i got from them21:02
kyakit looked like some kind of source, yeah.. but i don't know21:03
viricsony has all somewhat nicer. At least, it looks as if they let you download the source21:03
viricI haven't tried to build much, of course21:03
wpwrakhmm, interesting. downloads.qi-hardware.com doesn't respond. BUT ... my ssh session to turandot (the server providing downloads) is still alive21:48
viricis there a chinese wall in the middle?21:49
whitequarkwpwrak: that was a triumph22:54
--- Sat May 18 201300:00

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