#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-05-15

mogevening wolfspraul 06:09
mogI got my build scripts working for my fpga board tonight.  it is so nice to be able to just run make and make install rather than using xise tools directly 06:10
kyakhttp://www.vodafone.de/privat/mobiles-internet-dsl/prepaid-websessions.html - do i understand correctly - i pay 4.5 euro, i get a sim card and 200 Mb of data i can use?19:17
kyakare there any pitfalls?19:17
kyakmaybe no tethering, can only surf web, etc?19:18
kyak"Software installieren" - i don't like how it sounds :)19:19
whitequa2kyour favorite kind of kickstarting19:23
larscwell if people want to pay for it...19:26
pcercueilarsc: is there an attribute in the Linux kernel to specify that a variable should be aligned?20:37
pcercueiI need something like __attribute__((aligned(PAGE_SIZE)))20:37
pcercueior should I use __attribute__?20:37
larscpcercuei: yes20:40
larscto the first question20:40
pcercueiah, thanks!20:41
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