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wpwrakargh. adding the mips repo is fun ... some 50 branches and hundreds of tags12:58
Fallenou_do branches they say ...13:00
wpwraklet's see if gitk can tell me where the development happens ...13:01
wpwraknice statement from CERN about KiCAD: https://lists.launchpad.net/kicad-developers/msg09924.html14:33
wpwrak"I, as a hardware designer, was very jealous (in a good sense) of the freedom [kernel hackers] enjoy"14:34
Action: lekernel is more jealous that while Linux is a decent operating system compared to proprietary solutions, NVIDIA et. al. have 5Gbps DRAM IOs while anything OSHW is well below that, for example14:58
wpwrakyeah, the cost barriers for hardware are harder to crack15:10
wpwrakbut as you said, it's called "hard-ware" for a reason :)15:11
wpwraklekernel: you'll like this: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/otherfab/the-othermill-custom-circuits-at-your-fingertips15:13
wpwraknote: FR-1 only, 10 mil traces, and apparently no feedback on distance to surface15:14
wpwraki'm not even sure what FR-1 actually is. the paper-based junk (pertinax) is FR-2.15:19
lekernelhttp://www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?p=3040#comment-1223371 :-)15:27
wpwrakdunno. the restrictions may often also come from lack of resources. both money and time.15:32
lekernelmoney is there but on the wrong projects (see kickstarter) and time would be there too if there were fewer distractions (rpi etc.)15:32
wpwrakthe USD 12 phone looks oddly DIY-ish. you'd expect them to do better for all that money :)15:33
viriceveryone wants to play music with bananas15:35
viricat least, the people with money15:35
wpwrakdon't complain about kickstarter wasting a million here or there. complain about your government wasting orders of magnitude more money on keeping the troughs well filled15:36
lekernelof course, after getting a rpi myself and being surprised at how bad it actually is, it's clear that the million+ people who have one are not those that get much done15:37
wpwrakso getting it diminished your productivity :)15:37
viricyes, one thing is a banana keyboard on public market, another thing is a banana keyboard funded with public money15:37
whitequa2klekernel: I'd want to hear about your rpi experiences :)15:39
wpwraka banana-based instrument could actually be fun. remove the squishy stuff while keeping the skin intact. dry and harden the skin. then make holes and add whatever generates the waves (mouthpiece, strings, ...)15:39
lekernelha :) I assumed it would be a trouble-free and cheap HDMI source for Mixxeo demos. I was wrong. even changing the screen resolution requires editing a file parsed by the proprietary GPU bootloader - xrandr etc. do not work15:39
lekerneland needs rebooting like in the windows 95 times :)15:39
Action: wpwrak cackles evilly15:40
whitequa2kwpwrak: you're by far not the first person to think about this :)15:40
whitequa2kthere's even a band15:40
whitequa2kplaying on various dried fruits & vegetables15:40
lekernelthen, as I mentioned on #milkymist, the SoC is not capable of decent video playback without the proprietary and paid hardware accelerated codecs15:41
wpwrakwhitequa2k: so the musicians haven't all forgotten about being creative. good :)15:42
wpwraklekernel: regarding your playback misery, how about recoding your video to something that's a bit easier on the CPU ?15:43
lekernelwho needs electronics for that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEeiRXOlWUE :)15:43
lekernelwpwrak, yeah, I'll try that. but still the rpi is "disappointing".15:43
viricwpwrak: today this hit the news: http://www.juandemariana.org/comentario/5987/defensa/voto/censitario/15:44
viricvoting value, bound to amount of payment. :)15:45
wpwrakkewl idea. finally a clean way to legalize corruption. is he from argentina ?15:46
viric"El Instituto Juan de Mariana (IJM) es una institución independiente dedicada a la investigación de los asuntos públicos"15:48
viricno, Spaniard, I'm afraid15:49
viricwe already have 'UPyD' (Vargas Llosa & friends), which want voting power proportional "to intelligence"15:50
viric(they count themselves among the most intelligent)15:50
wpwrakmaybe voter exam wouldn't be all that bad15:55
wpwrakshould get rid of some of the more populist votes15:55
viricit will not be you checking the exams, remember.15:56
wpwrakwell, you could make them and the results public15:56
wpwrakyou could still get leakage fraud, though15:57
viricrecently the citizenship was denied to an african that worked many years in Spain, because in the "citizenship exam", he didn't know the name of the wife of the president.15:57
viricI didn't know the name either.15:57
wpwrakperhaps the correct answer is "i usually call her honey" ;-)15:58
wpwraki mean, a stupid and degrading question merits an answer of the same kind16:00
wpwrakbut i suppose he didn't fail the exam just because of that. it may just have been the most memorable nonsense question.16:00
viricyes, but the african payed for the exam, and didn't success16:01
viric~500¬ iirc16:01
wpwrakyou mean he paid extra to ensure success and they still failed him ?16:01
viricno :)16:02
wpwrakah, spain, i forgot16:02
erikkugelOh, Spain... what a great weather you got!16:02
erikkugelanyone familiar with eltiempo.es?16:02
wpwrakthis is how it's done: http://www.lanacion.com.ar/1581196-mas-firmas-admiten-en-eeuu-el-pago-de-coimas-en-el-pais16:02
wpwrakand here's the solution to pesky investigations: http://www.lanacion.com.ar/1581812-en-medio-de-fuertes-criticas-el-proyecto-de-blanqueo-de-capitales-comienza-a-ser-tratado-en-16:03
viric(568¬ were to proceed with the complain about the result)16:03
wpwrakand of course: http://www.lanacion.com.ar/1581855-cristina-kirchner-decreto-la-designacion-de-los-tres-conjueces-cercanos-a-lazaro-baez16:04
wpwrak(just to be on the safe side, i guess)16:05
viricnah, here is nicer. A law that allows to launder any money, without questions, if a 10% of the amount is payed as taxes.16:05
wpwrakwe had that in 200916:06
viricoh, you win :)16:06
wpwrakthis one is better: no extra charges16:06
wpwrakhere are the details: http://www.iprofesional.com/notas/160447-Blanqueo-2008-vs-2013-qu-cambios-incluye-el-nuevo-proyecto-que-busca-captar-los-dlares-no-declarados16:07
viricwpwrak: ah, cheaper, but yours includes questions16:09
viricno? quick read.16:10
viricI don't really want to know the deep details :)16:10
wpwraknot a lot of questions. and it's probably quite okay to just ignore those you don't like :)16:13
wpwrakalso, never underestimate the power of poor memory16:13
wpwrakhmm, tricky git question: i've added a remote repository to my tree but i picked a bad name for it. now i added it again, under the correct name. deleting the remote branches and the .git/config entry of the old one should be safe now, shouldn't it ?16:18
wpwrak(both are up to date, so content is identical)16:18
Fallenou_cannot you git remote rm  <name> ?16:22
wpwrakah, that seems to be even nicer :) thanks !16:25
larscboth methods will work16:25
wpwraklet's see what happens16:25
wpwrakseems everything survived. nice :)16:27
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