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mogping wolfspraul 14:29
mogi was trying to use your fpgatools with the dev board i got in the mail 14:30
mog  param_clock_pin = "IO_L30P_GCLK0_USERCCLK_2"; and   param_led_pin = "IO_L34N_GCLK18_0"; cause an error parts.c:83314:31
lekernelmog, what board?14:31
mogbut they seem to be defined in your parts.c file so im confused14:32
wolfspraulthe codes are in a pretty bad state right now, as lekernel also pointed out already14:32
lekernelmog, and yeah it seems changing anything to the placements given in the examples causes the program to crash14:32
mogmojo from http://embeddedmicro.com/14:32
wpwrak"highly optimized" ;-)14:32
mogis a very bare dev board which i like 14:32
wolfspraulI am doing lots of refactoring and just stopped at a random point. after lekernel mentioned that hello_world doesn't work a while back I looked at it but couldn't even figure out which part was broken :-)14:32
lekerneleven moving the LUT by 1 position crashes it14:32
wolfspraulyes, definitely [moving lut]14:32
Action: mog nods 14:32
wolfspraullots of hard-coding everywhere14:33
wolfspraulthat itself is no problem, and I appreciate the feedback very much! the real issue is when I get back to doing some serious hacking on it14:33
wolfspraulI was somewhere in the middle of block-ram14:33
mogi wish i could help more but im still very noob to fpga land.  i did get my first set of blinking lights though with the proprietary tools which was cool14:33
wolfspraulwhich was in the middle of some blinking_led thing14:33
lekernelwhat about getting back to fixing the LUT issues? block ram is luxury :)14:33
wolfspraulwhich was in the middle of trying to support some new board xiangfu made14:33
wolfspraulmog: great!14:34
wolfspraulthe feedback is good. if there are people out there that are interested, that definitely gets me back earlier14:34
wolfspraulI didn't plan the 'downtime' of development, it just somehow naturally didn't continue these last weeks, even 2 months it is now I think14:34
wolfspraullet me look at the todo again :-) maybe I remember where things were14:34
mogthere are a few people interested in using your fpgatools with this board for sure14:35
mogas they posted about it on kickstarter and his forum 14:35
lekernelany move of the LUT or the IO pins causes a crash seems to be the most serious issue to me14:35
mognot to mention myself and a few of my friends 14:36
wolfspraulgood good14:36
wolfspraulI definitely intend to continue14:36
wolfspraulbut what is 'intend' worth14:36
wolfspraulI need to do it14:36
wolfspraulright now it's fair to say that the trunk of the sources is 100% unusable14:36
wolfsprauleven the hello_world doesn't run through14:36
wolfspraullet alone moving luts etc.14:36
wolfspraulmog: which xc6 do you have exactly? xc6ftg256 ?14:37
wolfspraulI started with the tqg144 and later added support for ftg25614:37
wolfspraulwhich was good because it required me to remodel a lot of places to support different packages of the same die14:38
wolfspraulsorry I meant xc6slx9ftg256 :-) (forgot the slx9, you can tell I'm out of it a bit...)14:38
mogi have xc6slx914:38
wolfspraulthat move from tqg144 to supporting different packages left a lot of codes behind, I think that's why hello_world is broken now14:38
wolfspraulyes but which package?14:39
mogwith tqg144 package 14:39
wolfspraulah ok14:39
wolfspraulI just have to get back and continue working on it, but I cannot promise quick fixes right now14:40
wolfspraulping me again in a week, how about that?14:40
wolfspraulthat gives me a reasonable timeline to get my ... back up working14:40
mogwill do.  but i warn you now.   i am very persistant 14:45
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