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Action: whitequark just made himself some bread06:22
whitequarkit's surprisingly edible. even sort of good, considering this is my #2 attempt06:23
whitequarkand I could actually eat the result daily.06:23
whitequarkfunny thing: it's completely devoid of any taste. the texture, etc is fine... yet it is totally tasteless. every bread I ate before had *any*06:25
larscMy grandma makes bread herself and while it taste a bit different, it definitly has a taste06:41
larscI'd even say it's a bit stronger06:42
whitequarklarsc: well... I guess you have to aim for it specifically06:47
whitequarkI thought that bread has an intrinsic taste. It doesn't and that's what surprised me06:47
whitequarkit's also dumb simple... you just need precise scales, steady hands and a timer06:47
whitequarkI heard that being off by a few % may make it far worse. from my results, that might be very possible.06:48
larscI'd assume the yeast gives it at least some taste06:48
whitequarkdunno, maybe it's a recent development and they figured out how to remove that06:50
larscor you figured it out, first tasteless bread ever made ;)06:53
whitequarkI'd assume this would be a desirable trait as it leaves more room for experimenting with taste06:54
larscpatent your recipe06:54
whitequarkoh... you won't believe why did I start making bread06:55
whitequarkliterally because of http://z0r.de/2361.06:55
larscuhm, I don't get it06:57
whitequarkit's a scene (several scenes cut, actually) from an anime about bread. you'd think it is pretty dumb (I think the target audience is middle schoolers) until they actually go on and explain the underlying chemical and microbiological processes06:57
whitequark(it's Yakitate!!, for the reference)06:57
whitequarkapart from gathering together dozens of pretty interesting breads all around the world06:58
whitequarkre patent your recipe: it's one of theirs.06:59
whitequarkI plan on improving it in a certain way and the taste being absent is very convenient.07:00
whitequark(what I mean by "pretty dumb"? this episode is representative: http://www.animeultima.tv/yakitate-japan-episode-5-english-subbed/)07:01
Action: whitequark shrugs07:02
apeletelarsc: still here ?10:07
larscI'm always here ;) hi10:07
apeletebeen reading the musb code in the kernel for the past few days10:07
apeletefrom what I understood, msub is the equivalent of "usbcore" but for embedded usb controllers10:08
larscno. musb is one specific USB IP core10:09
larscjust like OHCI or EHCI10:09
apeleteok, that's what I thought but phrased it wrong10:11
apeleteso, musb can be used to implement the host drivers and gagdet drivers as well, right ?10:12
larscbut the jz4740 is only using the gadget part of the IP core10:20
apeletelarsc: so what we want for jz4740 is a gadget driver that uses the musb IP core ? no need to bother with the host driver then ?10:23
larscwhich needs some restructuring in the musb driver since all other platforms currently use both host and gadget10:26
apeletelarsc: ah, so in the current state of things, it is not possible to write just the gadget side for a new platform ?10:29
apeletehmm, will read the musb code further. I don't get how host and gadget are both needed when adding support for a platform yet10:55
larscthe init code in the musb driver reads like: init_gadget(); init_host();11:24
larscso what tneeds to be done is to put the init_host() in a if clause11:25
larscwell thats of course greatly simplified11:25
apeleteok, I see11:26
wpwrakhmm, as a module, my "fixed" jz4740_usb still oopses on rmmod. not sure if this is something new, though11:54
larscprobably not12:41
wpwraki'm suspecting the unbind in jz4740_udc_stop. let's see ...12:42
wpwrakyeah, that's the one12:43
wpwraknow rmmod followed by insmod works12:47
wpwrakto test, you also need to cycle g_ether.ko12:47
larscI don't want to test ;)13:14
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: bin/grepchunk: process diff -u output and select/drop (-v) chunks like grep would (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/8ffb47313:30
wpwrakyeah, some features are better left untested :)13:30
larscwooho, we finally made it to 21th century "With the upgraded version of Exchange, you will receive a 25 GB mailbox"14:24
virica mailbox where?14:25
larscit was 400MB before14:27
larscrather annoying14:27
larscI'm getting the "Your mailbox is almost full" Mail every day14:27
wpwraki think "exchange" should be read as an imperative ...14:31
larscyea, that too ;)14:32
larscmesses up all patch files14:32
wpwrakthey probably do this on purpose ... in fact, they pretty much declared their intentions some years ago: http://www.lena.sub.org/img/msad/msad1_preview.jpg15:00
wpwrakbetter image: http://www.lena.sub.org/img/msad/msad1.jpg15:00
larscthe next windows is probably going to be a Linux ;)15:13
wpwrakthat would be quite the headline :-)15:15
larscI suppose no Windows at all would also be an option15:18
wpwrakthe one pronounced "X-Windows" :) (they hate it, 'coz the name is "X Window System", but then, if we make the "ystem" silent and contract the "s", it works)15:22
paul_boddieHello again! No-one here with special Qi-Hardware wiki powers?15:25
paul_boddieMight be nice if someone locked the front page so that it doesn't need reverting from stupid anti-aging scam product spamming every day.15:26
kristianpaulpaul_boddie: done15:27
kristianpaulThanks for reporting this could be done, i had noticed the spaming rush but havent tought what to do about it..15:28
paul_boddiekristianpaul: Thanks!15:28
paul_boddieIt's nice that people (apart from the spammers) still care about the wiki, even though it doesn't see much action these days.15:28
paul_boddieIt's also good that it doesn't get the registration spam that most MediaWiki installations seem to get now.15:29
paul_boddieWill hopefully update my Emdebian guide today.15:50
--- Fri May 10 201300:00

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