#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-05-08

kristianpaulwb :)01:02
paul_boddieHello! Anyone want to toughen up the anti-spam on the Qi wiki?13:40
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: web/index.html: update Web page (including shop change from Tuxbrain to Pulster) (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/570982c19:24
larscah! he's back19:25
virichej wpwrak !19:34
viricwpwrak: yesterday I heard about minister's "me quiero ir"19:34
wpwraklovely, wasn't it ? :)19:49
virichehe yes19:50
wpwrakit's actually somewhat reassuring that some people in the government still sometimes feel uneasy when lying19:54
viricyes, surprising20:05
wpwrakhmm, ben crashes with latest net-next kernel. apparently we end up in cpu_idle_loop with interrupts disabled. the fun bit is that none of the usual warnings get triggered.20:20
larscyea MIPS is broken in next20:21
larscor better in origin/master20:21
wpwrakah, even all of MIPS ?20:21
larscthat's the fix20:22
wpwrakhah ! just the sort of problem i suspected :) thanks !20:22
larscbut slab is also broken20:22
larscfix is here https://lkml.org/lkml/2013/5/8/37420:22
larscand daney over in #mipslinux just said with those two patch he gets til userland but than ext4 crashes20:23
wpwrakwhoa ! interesting moment for all those things to happen.20:24
wpwrakthe ben gets to the shell okay (with a somewhat twisted .config). let's see if a more normal .config works, too ...20:30
larscwell we don't use ext4 so we might be lucky20:33
wpwrakhmm, something is still wrong. looke like wpan or udc. let's disable one of them ...20:36
wpwrakudc !20:40
wpwrakthat's the punishment for not pushing it upstream a long time ago :)20:52
larscand not cleaning it up20:57
larscja, ist openwrt mirco21:02
larscwrong channel21:02
wpwraklarsc: this may do the trick: https://github.com/wpwrak/ben-wpan-linux/commit/db73cac4a5a38882d2a14e3170fcdf5220fcdde622:34
wpwrak(tested with monolithic kernel)22:34
--- Thu May 9 201300:00

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