#qi-hardware IRC log for Tuesday, 2013-05-07

--- Tue May 7 201300:00
larscis it just me, or is it rather quiet here lately?18:48
xdpiratelarsc, http://puu.sh/2ON7Z.png18:57
larscyea, I have joins and quites on ignore18:59
larscI wonder where wpwrak went18:59
kristianpaulah he is not here again.. hmm19:06
kyakprobably wpwrak just wants to leave top 10 )19:44
Jay7kyak: are you going to LVEE this year? :)19:46
kyakJay7: i dont know what's that :)19:47
Jay7http://lvee.org/ :)19:47
kyaki'll check it out, thanks19:47
Jay7linux vacation / eastern europe :)19:47
kyaki most definitely not going, bbecause i want to have my birthday at home )19:49
Jay7ah :)19:55
wpwrakme, leave the top10 ? in your dreams ! :)23:51
--- Wed May 8 201300:00

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