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whitequarkhuh, 802.11ad achieves up to 7Gbit/s transfer rate over 60GHz band16:26
whitequarkI wonder if it penetrates concrete walls? 2.4 is already bad at it.16:27
whitequark"yea, here is your seven gigabit connection... by the way, do you live in a studio?"16:28
whitequark"no? nevermind then"16:28
lekernelcan we hack the transceivers to make nice synthetic aperture radars?16:29
whitequarklekernel: I believe that by 2014, obtaining an SDR will be even easier than it is now16:29
whitequarkI assume you've seen this? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1085541682/bladerf-usb-30-software-defined-radio16:30
lekernelyeah - first non-sucky and funded kickstarter project I've seen16:31
whitequarkindeed. (well, I won't be so critical but yes, these guys know what they're doing.)16:32
lindi-whitequark: SDR that can record all that sounds tricky16:40
whitequarklindi-: all what?16:40
lindi-whitequark: 7 Gbit/s16:40
whitequarklindi-: right... but you don't need that for a radar?16:42
lindi-whitequark: nope but for debugging wlan that would be nice16:42
whitequarksure... I wonder what the wlan devs are using16:43
whitequarksomething insanely expensive from a major test equipment vendor, I suppose16:43
larscwhitequark: well easy, but a repeater in every room ;)16:43
whitequarklarsc: that kinda breaks the whole idea of "wireless"16:44
whitequarkpeople VERY dislike drilling holes in their walls, much less making channels.16:44
larscwho cares what people like or not?16:44
larsc'Also, oxygen molecules begin to absorb electromagnetic energy at this frequency;'16:45
lekernelyeah, NVIDIA has 5Gbps/pin DRAM, 802.11ad have ADC/DACs that can be used to build a 7Gbps modem, countless SoC makers have embedded CPUs that run at 2+GHz, meanwhile we're stuck with slowtan6 FPGAs that choke running a CPU at 83MHz, have 1Gbps IOs that are a royal pain to use, and commercially available ADC/DACs are typically <= 1Gsps16:45
lekernelthis is kinda frustrating16:45
larsc'Both the WirelessHD and WiGig camps are working on beam-forming algorithms that would focus 60GHz transmissions to alleviate the range issue.'16:46
lindi-btw, a few weeks ago I was googling and trying to an open source solution for receiving OOK signals with SDR. surprisingly I wasn't able to find anything that'd try to lock to the timing signal and decode the bits automatically16:46
whitequarkreliability hell16:46
larscoh and 'wall-mounted reflectors'16:46
lindi-of course I can write that in a few lines of C but I was bit surprised that such a basic block would not exist16:47
Action: whitequark is reading about X.2516:49
whitequarkX.25 provides a set of user facilities defined and described in ITU-T Recommendation X.2.[34] The X.2 user facilities fall into five categories:16:49
whitequarkessential facilities;16:49
whitequarkadditional facilities;16:49
whitequarkconditional facilities;16:49
whitequarkseems like a horrible case of 'design by committee'16:49
whitequarkmandatory facilities; and,16:49
whitequarkoptional facilities.16:49
lekernelwho still uses x.25?16:51
lekernellarsc, this sounds fun. can you make a plasma gun with a high-energy 60Ghz source?16:52
whitequarklekernel: for educational/historic purposes16:53
larsclekernel: we'll see ;)17:00
larscon the other hand can you make a microwave oven using a 2.4GHz router?17:01
lekernelwell, with 10000x 2.4GHz routers ;) for this sort of power at 60GHz you'd use a gyrotron17:03
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