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ezdagorHi. I compiled the latest openwrt-xburst kernel, and i've noticed that the screen will turn white after 5 or so minutes. Not sure what is causing this behaviour.06:36
viricwhite? oh.06:54
ezdagorYeah. After there hasn't been any input for 5 or so minutes.06:56
ezdagorI'm thinking I missed a certain kernel option.06:57
viricah, I guess it stops providing pixels to the screen 06:57
ezdagorWell, I can press a key, and the screen goes back to how it should be.06:57
viricthe screen should be disabled after 5 minutes07:02
viricI don't know the code around that though07:03
kyakezdagor: check the consoleblank kernel parameter07:05
kyak(in kernel command line i mean)07:05
ezdagorWhere at?07:05
kyakcat /proc/cmdline07:06
kyakfw_printenv/fw_setenv let you change that07:07
kyakdoes it blank after 30 seconds?07:08
ezdagorThere is also a "quiet" after that, too.07:08
kyakare you in console even?07:08
kyakgmenu2x has it's own blanker07:08
kyakhm, can you try with ash?07:09
kyakmight be a problem with fbterm, i guess07:09
kyakis your background white in fbterm?07:09
ezdagorNo. It isn't.07:09
kyakthat;s strange :)07:10
ezdagorI'm just worried that the screen will be permanently "stuck."07:10
ezdagorStill waiting on ash.07:11
kyaksomething is wrong07:11
kyakit should just blank after 30 seconds07:12
kyakare you running the latest image, except for the kernel you built yourself?07:12
ezdagorI'm using the Debian "Lenny" image.07:12
kyakwhat is your kernel version?07:14
kyakok, it's the same here.. What's uboot version?07:16
kyakalso, did you change the default kernel config?07:16
ezdagorHmm. Not sure.07:16
ezdagorI changed a few options, yes.07:16
kyakhow did you compile the kernel? using the openwrt toolchain?07:16
kyakyou might want to flash the latest uboot, and the latest kernel (all prebuilt). See if it works with your debian image well07:17
kyakthen you should try to compile the kernel yourself, with default parameters07:18
ezdagorNod. I was thinking about using the pre-built kernel.07:18
kyakthen you can try to change some parameters :)07:18
ezdagorThere is no fw_prinenv/fw_setrenv program installed.07:27
kyaksure, it's provided by openwrt rootfs07:48
larscezdagor: it's a known bug08:37
larsc(known by me) ;)08:38
larscah, ok, not 3.908:38
apeletegood morning09:12
apeletelarsc: tested kernel 3.9 yesterday, it booted a jlime image just fine09:14
apeletelarsc: noticed 2 problems though:09:15
apelete1/ cannot enter numbers on the keyboard. it seems Fn key does not work09:15
apelete2/ ethernet over usb does not work, interface usb0 does not show up with ifconfig09:17
apeletelarsc: are these issues known or do you think they come from my setup ? (using an old uboot + jlime image. only replaced jlime 2.6.36 which works fine with qi kernel 3.9)09:19
larscapelete: you need to load a special keymap I think09:38
larscethernet over usb works for me, but it could be a error in the config09:39
apeletelarsc: I've been thinking about writing the glue code for the jz4740 SoC for the usb gadget driver (we talked about it a few days ago)09:48
apeletelarsc: still need some help with that ? do you mind if I try to actually write that piece of code ? (I will probably need some guidance on how to proceed)09:50
larscWould be great if you could take care of this09:50
larscIf you have any questions just ask09:51
apeletelarsc: nice :)09:52
apeletelarsc: is there a place where you keep the qi kernel patches ?09:54
larscwell in the git repo09:55
lekernelsharism.cc still down (again...)09:55
apeletelarsc: yeah, but how can I tell the patches that are alerady upstream from those that are not ?09:57
larscapelete: git log v3.9..jz-3.909:58
apeleteI think I'll start by reading the qi usb gadget driver, and compare it to the mainline usb gagdet driver to try to understand what I really need to do09:58
larscapelete: the upstream driver is the musb driver, which can be found at drivers/usb/musb10:01
larscthe IP core is also used in a couple of other SoCs, e.g. the blackfin and a couple of TI SoCs10:01
larscso there are a few examples of glue code10:01
larscthe main difference to the jz4740 is that the jz4740 only uses the gadget part of the driver10:02
larscI actually wouldn't bother looking too much at the jz4740 gadget driver, since it's not the best piece of code anyway10:03
larscyea, first device probded via devicetree10:04
apeletelarsc: there's no v3.9 tag in the qi-kernel repo, what am I missing here ?10:04
larscapelete: now there is10:05
apeletelarsc: git pull'ed it, thanks :)10:06
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