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wpwrakhmm nice. the busybox insmod doesn't print a diagnostic if you specify a file that doesn't exist. that's helpful :)01:24
wpwrak... and it doesn't clean up after a failed insertion. bah.01:58
wpwrakhmm, does anyone know of a sane way to accomplish this: given an SPI driver (in the monolithic kernel) and some driver that goes on top of it (module), i'd like the SPI driver's probe function to be run only when a suitable driver to go in top is loaded.02:04
wpwrakthe scenario is with spi-gpio at the bottom and atben on top. spi-gpio is monolithic, atben (and more stuff) a module. the problem is that, if i tell spi-gpio where the GPIOs are, it'll try to grab them instantly, causing a conflict with MMC.02:06
wpwrakin practice, i won't use spi-gpio anyway, so there's no issue with making the spi driver a module, but i still wonder if i could also solve this cleanly for spi-gpio02:08
larscnot really, you can manually unbind the driver after it has been probed05:56
pcercueiyou slept only 6 hours?06:07
larsc6 and half06:31
larscI usually just wake up when it gets light outside06:32
lekernelsharism.cc down again ...08:38
larscsomebody should really set up a sign: "Don't unplug this cable"08:41
wpwraklarsc: (no other way) hmm, that's what i suspected. thanks for confirming !08:54
wpwrak(sharism) reminds me of some issues in machine rooms where the cleaning personnel unplugged the computers to connect their vacuum cleaners ...08:55
larscwpwrak: btw. udc works just fine if I initialize max_speed in the static jz4740_udc_controller struct08:56
wpwraklarsc: even better :) and yes, it wouldn't make much sense for the rest of the USB code to be overly picky about where this gets set08:58
kuribasHow do I extract a kernel image using usbboot?11:03
larscwhitequark's jzboot has a nanddump command11:15
larscwhich allows you to read the data from the nand and dump it into a file11:15
larscif you don't know the parition layout, just dump everything and look for markers11:16
kuribasDoesn't it support the JZ4755?11:17
larscgood question11:17
larscyou'll need the .bins11:18
larscI guess11:18
larscit has support for the jz4750 and the jz476011:18
kuribasI have a nandboot that I downloaded from the ingenic website.11:19
larscthat one should also be able to dump the nand11:19
larscbut I think it's a windows tool11:19
larscone thing you also need to figure out is how the nand is configured11:20
kuribasI know which chips it has...11:21
larscthat's a good start11:21
kuribasAnd there is this info, which seems the same device:  http://openthebook.byteorder.net/doku.php11:22
larscif it's the same device, you probably don't even need to dump the nand since there is downloadable image11:23
kuribasWell, there isn't, but maybe the guy from this page has it.11:23
kuribasI'll try emailing him.11:23
larscah, the company went already out of buisness11:24
larschere you go http://web.archive.org/web/20101212185821/http://augenus.com/thebooksoftwarev1.zip11:26
kuribasOh, great!11:26
larscfound here http://www.nesiprav.com/forum3/index.php?topic=63.6011:27
kuribasOh, right!11:27
kuribasWell, I don't speak russian.11:27
viricwhitequark, kyak: 702B@0 25G5@><, 40?11:27
kuribasMaybe it's a wasted effort, hacking on a device that is out of business...11:28
larscah, ok the zip even has the usbboot cfg11:29
kuribasIt's not such a great device, it's very heavy and clunky, but it has a keyboard and mousepad, which is nice for linux.11:30
larscbut of course the kernel.upg is missing11:31
viricwhat device?11:33
viricisn't walmart evil? :)11:34
kuribaslarsc: The guy from the openthebook probably still has the kernel.11:34
viricis this a jz47xx device?11:35
kuribasviric: it's made in a sweatshop?11:36
viric? :)11:37
kuribasYou never know in China...11:37
viricyes, very cheap device11:38
whitequarkviric: kyak: 4012:15
larsckuribas: since you have the usbboot.cfg and the kernel partition offset it is not so hard to create a dump13:02
kyakviric, whitequark roger that13:20
kuribaslarsc: Using jzboot?13:23
larsckuribas: yes13:23
larscusing the windows binary13:24
kuribasI don't have windows.13:24
kuribasOnly linux13:24
larscwine might do13:25
larscor you could try fw.bin as stage1.bin and usb_boot.bin as stage2.bin13:26
larscwith jzboot13:27
kuribasSo I need to install these to read the nand?13:27
larscyes, that's what runs on the target13:28
larscwhitequark: you know this, do the ingenic usbboot fw.bin, etc work with jzboot?13:29
whitequarklarsc: that was two years ago...13:29
whitequarkand jzboot wasn't even written by me13:29
kuribasOk, I am in the windows usbboot.  There is no nanddump command though.13:32
larscany other commands that should similar?13:32
larsccould be13:33
kuribas"read data from nand flash and store to SDRAM"13:33
kuribas nread: read NAND flash data with checking bad block and ECC;13:34
larscI thin it is nread13:36
kuribasOk:  nread 0 1024 0 0 => Can not connect device!13:37
kuribaslsusb: Bus 001 Device 009: ID 601a:4750 Ingenic Semiconductor Ltd.13:37
larscboot 0 first13:37
larscthen nread 1024 4194304 0 013:38
kuribasBoot fail, cannot connect device13:38
kuribasjzboot gives me after trying boot: ingenic_loadstage: Connection timed out13:46
kuribasjzboot shows the device13:49
larscdid you use wine?13:51
kuribasI'll try with my windows netbook.14:01
kuribasAlso doesn't work.14:04
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