#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2013-04-25

mthis there any documentation of the Ingenic USB boot mode protocol?21:24
mthin particular, how to return from uploaded code and stay in USB boot mode21:25
mthI see ingenic-boot jump to 0xbfc0130c at the end21:25
mthbut in my tests, the value returned in v1 seems to matter21:25
mthfor some values, the regular boot is started and for other values it stays in USB boot mode21:25
pcercueimth: you could dump the firmware21:27
mthwould that still be visible when the OS has booted?21:28
mthreading memory from the device isn't working for me in ingenic-boot, for some reason21:28
pcercueithe firmware is on a ROM, so if they didn't change the version of the SoC, the firmware should be the same on your other device21:32
mthbuilding a kernel with /dev/mem and /dev/kmem enabled now21:33
mthpcercuei: indeed the bootrom can be dumped via /dev/mem23:33
mthand 0xbfc0130c seems like it is in the middle of some routine...?23:36
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