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viricwhitequark: would you like to meet together with kyak?05:55
viricwhitequark: we are agreeing for monday05:55
whitequarkviric: yup! that would be good05:56
viricI don't mind about the place05:57
viricyou both may easier propose some.05:57
wpwrakah, the exchanging of war stories over a few bottles of vodka ... :)05:58
viricwell, our stories may be not that interesting as war stories :)05:58
whitequarkwar stories... yeah05:59
wpwrakweeks of hunting that bug, and finally killing it ? where's the difference ? :)06:00
viricthe emotion of long nights sitting at the gdb prompt06:00
wpwrakwhile hearing strange noises in the darkness06:01
viricthe neverending compilation times06:01
whitequarkthe feeling of recompiling the entire linux kernel all over again after changing one byte in the arch/ header06:02
viricfamine, thinking for long that you'd fix the bug really soon, but the fix never happening06:02
whitequarkprojects long abandoned by their authors and users alike, only remaining dormant on web.archive.org with the source archive 404'ing and just the binaries available for some reason06:03
wpwrakwhitequark: you make it sound as if recompiling the kernel took long :)06:03
whitequarkwpwrak: on a netbook.06:03
wpwrakok :)06:03
whitequarkI was broke :)06:03
wpwrakyou should do FPGA synthesis. gives you a whole new perspective on slowness06:03
whitequarkI did :D06:04
wpwrakon the netbook ? :)06:04
whitequarkmmm not sure, it was a long time ago06:04
whitequarkbut my current notebook has a quad-core i706:04
whitequarkit heats all the way up to 80 degrees Celsium!06:04
wpwrakthat should help :)06:04
virica good winter friend06:05
whitequarkviric: you mean "oh, not second-degree burns on my legs again"? :D06:05
kyakim already afraid of meeting you guys )06:05
wpwrakah, designed for those long cold russian winters, when it's too cold to go to the vodka shop06:05
whitequark(no, not second-degree. but I did get a burn from it once.)06:05
whitequarkI wonder if that's why its case is metal: the plastic simply melts06:06
virickyak: :)06:06
wpwrakthat's what happens if you put on only one set of asbestos underwear06:06
viricthe plastic case of one friend's notebook quite melted06:06
wpwrakgood engineering06:07
whitequarka notebook I got really long ago heated up so much that its VRAM has desoldered06:07
whitequarkisn't that about 300 deg since RoHS?!06:07
whitequarkand it did survive two or three times of resoldering it back06:07
viricand I heard of another one where the whole netbook got red as in forgery06:07
viricbad word06:07
whitequarkviric: this is why you don't do liquid cooling with molten metal06:08
whitequarkunless it's Hg06:08
whitequarkor an eutectic Sodium-Potassium alloy (I think)06:09
whitequark... or that lead-bismuth-why-you-arent-dead-yet allot06:09
wpwrakthermal management in notebooks is interesting. i'm sometimes surprised they work at all.06:09
whitequarkwpwrak: I'm constantly surprised computers work at all06:10
whitequarkbut yeah :D06:10
wpwrakwhitequark: stay away from the ones that use plutonium gas for cooling :)06:10
whitequarkwpwrak: cloud computing in its essence!06:11
whitequarkperformed by clouds of vaporized silicon06:11
wpwraknow it makes sense !06:13
whitequarkhmmm, it just occured to me that if I assemble a step-up converter from 5V to 19V, I could continuously power and charge my notebook from this: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/browndoggadgets/folding-usb-solar-cell06:25
whitequark(I've backed the 10W version)06:25
whitequarkon a sunny day indeed06:25
whitequarkgiven that these critters now have effciency of 90-95%06:27
larschm, something is broken `git commit` uses 100% cpu and 500MB of memory07:07
whitequarkgdb it!07:08
whitequarkor even strace07:08
larscbrk, brk, brk, then nothing07:10
whitequarkit's brken.07:11
larscdoing a repack now, lets see if that fixes things07:12
whitequark(gdb) bt ?07:13
larscI don't have debugging symbols built into my git07:17
larscseems to be stuck in remove_redundant07:21
larscwell it will succeed eventually, but it takes a few minutes07:22
larscfunny, seems to be my branch07:23
larscon a different branch everything is fine07:23
larschm, a rebased fixed it07:30
whitequarkwhen in doubt, randomly rebase07:32
lindi-whitequark: thanks for noticing the nvidia optimus update btw, I forwarded the info to the original asker07:36
whitequarklindi-: mmm what? I didn't reply to anyone... was just bored07:38
lindi-whitequark: well, the question was asked 10 months ago and you know what Linus replied :)07:40
lindi-whitequark: and I only found about about this update when I read your comment yesterday07:40
larscto the original asker from the recordings?07:41
lindi-larsc: yes08:12
bitHipyCan any linux-based netbooks drive 2 exterinal displays?18:20
larscthat obviously depends on the hardware used on the netbook18:28
mogbitHipy, my thinkpad x120e can do that 18:32
mogits tiny 18:32
bitHipymog: are there 2 video cards in that?  or would it need an expresscard video card?18:40
mogit has a vga and an hdmi port 18:40
mogbut you can only push so many pixels off the graphics card 18:40
mogim not sure what the max number is though off the top of my head18:41
mogbut ive pushed a monitor and an 800x600 projector off of it before18:41
whitequarkmost stupid intel cards can push out smth like 4096x409618:43
viricthat reminds me of a unichrome card I have in an AMD Sempron 260018:46
viricThe xorg module does a memory speed test18:46
viricand reports 60MB/s18:46
viricisn't that very slow?18:46
viricwhat are ram speeds these days, in MB/s?18:47
larsc60MB/s is like harddrive speed, isn't it?18:59
johnnyonflamelarsc, my hdd can do 100~19:02
viricI remember seeing some Xeon tests recently.... reporting RAM at ~60MB/s19:03
virichm it maybe was 60GB/s? :)19:05
viricI guess so19:06
viricbut the video card memory speed thing I mention, reported 60MB/s...19:06
JabedinWould this be the appropriate place to ask about MIPS hardware design? If not, could anyone suggest a network & channel?20:32
larscdepends on which aspects you want to talk about20:33
JabedinIt's homework. Basically I'm to design a processor If (rs==rt) {rs = address of next instruction && rd = rt} {else PC+4 (skip to next instruction)}. I know how to do this using arithmetic operators, lw, sw, & beq. HOWEVER: it says I can't use lw, sw, or beq. I don't understand how I'm supposed to implement it without those...20:38
larscI suppose you are supposed to implement the instruction in hw not in sw20:45
JabedinI'm saying that I know how to implement lw sw & beq in hardware20:49
Jabedinbut I'm not allowed to design a processor using those functionalities20:49
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