#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2013-04-22

whitequarkwpwrak: supposedly00:06
whitequarkI've no idea if the drivers actually work because they require 3.9-git kernel and are themselves beta00:06
whitequarkand there's no vsync so it's tearing, and they implement one of the three XRandR 1.4 features they should have implemented00:06
wpwrakit's a start :)00:09
whitequarkI guess the steam-on-linux was the driving force00:39
wpwrakyes, that could be00:43
whitequarkI tried steam-on-linux00:43
whitequarkit's... usable. from what I know, it's not much worse than its Windows counterpart00:44
whitequarkoverall, that definitely seems like a positive development. most games so far have a DRM-free version anyway...00:44
pcercueiwhitequark: well here it asks for S3TC :(01:06
whitequarkpcercuei: oh a texture compression thing01:15
whitequarkdunno, works on both nvidia and intel01:15
--- Tue Apr 23 201300:00

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