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ezdagorI'm having problems with mounting the UBI "data" partition.. It seems that I can (re)create the partition and load it afterwards. However, after I reboot, and try to mount the partition, I get the following error: "UBI device number 1, total 3056 LEBs (1577189376 bytes, 1.5 GiB) available 15 LEBs (7741440 bytes, 7.4 MiB), LEB size 516096 bytes (504.0 KiB)" And then, "Mount: mounting ubi1:data on /usr/local failed: INvalid argument."02:51
ezdagor...On the Ben Nanonote, I should say.02:53
kyakezdagor: you should try using a helper which is called /usr/bin/mtd.nn07:18
kyakit can mount the data partition for you (and format, if requested)07:19
kyakor at least compare the commands you enter and those used in mtd.nn07:19
ezdagorThanks. That helped.07:54
qi-bot[commit] Paul Cercueil: Fix crash occuring when an unknown MIME type is specified in OPK (packages) http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/2cef73217:26
mogwolfspraul, i came across your fpgatools last night.  I can't wait till my spartan 6 comes in the mail so i can dick with it21:52
wolfspraulmog: great, thanks for the heads up!23:26
wolfspraulI haven't done any coding for over a month, but getting feedback is good so I (re)start soon23:26
wolfspraulI was working with block memory last...23:27
wpwrakwolfspraul: don't give up ! the number of potential fans is increasing with every new release of Vivado ;-)23:50
kristianpauland by the coming slx9 based boards on the market too i think23:53
wpwrakyeah, there doesn't seem to be an abundance of them so far. i looked around some two months ago and i found only one23:55
kristianpaulstill one from avnet , other from XESS, papilio 23:57
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