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DocScrutinizer05pcercuei: would you mind sharing the necessary bits?01:06
DocScrutinizer05pcercuei: (udev)01:07
pcercueiDocScrutinizer05: sure01:29
pcercuei/etc/udev/rules.d/50-power.rules contains this:01:30
pcercueiSUBSYSTEM=="power_supply", ACTION=="change", RUN+="/usr/local/sbin/laptop_mode.sh"01:30
pcercuei /usr/local/sbin/laptop_mode.sh contains this: http://pastebin.com/GwMmNacz01:31
pcercueithat script could be improved a lot but I was lazy :p01:32
DocScrutinizer05thanks :-D02:34
whitequarkpcercuei: also thanks03:16
whitequarkdebian kinda has these rules but they're sloppy on this laptop03:16
whitequarkor maybe it just has crappy ACPI, i.e. it has ACPI03:17
Action: whitequark is trying to install VisualAge Smalltalk 8.5 Enterprise **EVALUATION**03:17
whitequarkhow do i launch this i have no idea03:18
wpwraknice, McKinsey & Co. in a box :)03:20
whitequarkwpwrak: huh? :)03:28
wpwrakenterprise evaluation :)03:34
whitequarkwpwrak: :D05:51
whitequarkVA Smalltalk Enterprise Manager, library06:34
Action: whitequark sighs06:34
larscwhitequark: why do you do this?06:37
whitequarkseveral reasons06:39
whitequarksmalltalk's object model is the basis of ruby's, with some extensions. I'm interested how it works out in smalltalk.06:40
whitequarksecond, the whole "let's not talk about source code ever again" model is unusual and interesting to me06:40
whitequarkI'm not convinced it is superior but it is at least worth investigating06:40
whitequarkthird, VA Smalltalk was widely regarded as one of the most advanced programming environments of its time, and, partially, of today06:41
whitequarkaha, launched it. of course it does not respect DPI settings. my eyes :/06:42
whitequarkso far it looks like a weird mix of Eclipse and Delphi06:43
whitequarkand it exclusively uses xlib for rendering06:43
whitequarkthis is... really painful.06:43
whitequarkno, Eclipse and Delphi look like bad spinoffs of VA St :)06:46
whitequarkespecially the latter, I mean, down to the component icons06:47
larscyea, that's what I'd have imagined06:47
whitequarkah, right, Eclipse is actually an evolution of VA St06:49
whitequarkall inside IBM06:49
whitequarkagain, literally down to the icons. I wonder what's up with them. It's not like it's hard to draw several 16x16 pictograms?..06:49
whitequarkgrrr why does it constantly crash06:59
larscso it is indeed very similar to eclipse ;)07:23
whitequarklarsc: :D07:23
whitequarkI wonder, how does one write code in the VA St11:37
whitequarkI *still* can't figure it out11:37
whitequarkdamn this interface >_<11:43
whitequarknow it shows me that my code is broken, but how do I look at the message11:43
whitequarkyou aren't even supposed to write code12:19
whitequarkyou connect, er, stuff to stuff with arrows12:19
whitequarkand sometimes the arrow signifies a method call, and you can connect another arrow to this arrow, and this would be a an argument12:19
whitequarkit's pretty cool actually. like data-flow graphs.12:19
whitequarkI think this can actually be way easier to grasp for some engineers... or it definitely was back in '80s12:20
whitequarkso the Add -> OrderedCollection arrow is the "add:" method call, which accepts a single argument, "anObject"12:21
whitequarkand the field -> (Add -> OrderedCollection) arrow connects the "object" of the field to "anObject" of the visualized method call12:21
wpwrak"Programming for cavepeople, Lesson 1: arrows and stones" :)12:32
whitequarkwpwrak: disagree12:33
whitequark95% of GUI programming is trivial12:34
whitequarkI'd rather do it visually than write tons of boilerplate12:34
whitequarkFWIW, Qt follows the same concept, except it's kinda dumbed down12:34
whitequarkseveral orders of magnitude :)12:34
larscevery sane toolkit does12:34
whitequarklarsc: C++ Builder didn't :)12:34
larscthe emphasis is on _sane_12:35
whitequarkDelphi, etc. neither Swing, neither AWT, ..12:35
wpwrakconsidering that few guis have evolved beyond the capabilities of the 3270 terminal, perhaps that's not surprising :)12:38
lekernelurgh, is that motif?12:52
lekernelIBM VisualAge, bringing windows 95 graphics to 201312:54
whitequarklekernel: syntax doesn't matter, gui style doesn't matter, etc12:54
whitequarkand yeah it is motif :D12:54
whitequarkdoesn't it predate win95?12:54
wpwrakmotif ? oh yes12:57
wpwrakthough you couldn't tell by its daringly progressive "3D" look12:58
wpwrakbut they did everything right. it was slow, and initially closed source, then semi-open source12:59
wpwrakoh, and it appears they then hurriedly open sourced it. already in 2012. that was quick13:00
whitequark... so they collected the signatures in 200613:02
whitequarkand in 2012 the open ("open"?) group open-sourced it13:02
whitequarktimely response, so typical for committee-based process13:02
wpwrakNews flash: Egypt considers permitting daguerreography of the pyramids :)13:03
whitequarkwpwrak: :D13:15
pcercueilarsc: hi, have you ever worked with linux' input code?13:52
whitequarkpcercuei: http://www.linusakesson.net/programming/tty/13:53
whitequarkmight be relevant13:54
pcercueithanks, but that's not really what I'm looking for13:56
larscpcercuei: a bit13:58
pcercueithe input device drivers are linked to handlers, that dispatch the events to the clients13:59
pcercueithe handlers being evdev, joydev, mousedev etc13:59
pcercueiwhat I'm trying to achieve, is to completely disconnect an input driver from all those handlers, from a different input driver14:00
pcercueithe idea is to merge several drivers into one (gpio-keys plus jz-sadc into one joystick)14:01
pcercueiso that the userspace sees only one joystick, while the events are generated from different drivers14:02
pcercueiwith a new input driver, connected to joydev, that acts as a handler itself and redirect the events14:03
larscI see14:04
larscand have no idea14:05
pcercueihmm. ok :)14:06
whitequarkheh, two suggestions to use http://www.pharo-project.org/home already15:26
viricwhitequark: is this your ruby thing?15:27
whitequarkviric: no no15:27
whitequarkresponses to my tweet about my first visualage smalltalk program :)15:28
viricaah ok15:28
whitequarkthe ruby thing finally has a... website... at http://foundry-lang.org/ :)15:28
wpwrakin texas, they use Bigtalk15:39
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