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kyakwpwrak: did your script return some creative error messages, like "Can't devirginate right now, please check connection"?05:34
whitequark... deflower maybe? I think I heard that form06:37
whitequarkor maybe not06:38
wpwrakwhitequark: naw, it's a play on "virgin device", a term i've heard used for new devices09:11
wpwrakkyak: "please re-insert plug" ? :)09:12
wpwrakkyak: there was actually an issue with one of the connections being extremely picky about the correct insertion ...09:12
whitequarkwpwrak: yep, that's what I meant. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=deflower, etc09:13
zrafawpwrak: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Cumbre_Global_201311:32
zrafamaybe some guys here can visit arg this year for this event ;)11:33
wpwrakhah, centro cultural san martin ! the one where they just kicked out the squat artists :)11:34
lekernelhow are the artist squats in buenos aires?11:38
wpwrakthat i don't know, but there are people who take over such public places, calling themselves "artists", and mess up things11:39
wpwrakof course, "artists" are good. right ?11:39
lekernelhahaha :)11:40
lekernelwell rarely there are good ones11:40
wpwraklike those poor "journalists" in cuba, on the CIA payroll ...11:40
wpwraki meant "good" in a an ethical sense. independent of the quality of their work :)11:40
lekernelhow dare you compare leftist artists to the CIA? you have no morals!11:41
wpwrakheh ;-)11:41
wpwrakconsidering the effect of those actions, they're probably machiavellian artists. not sure where you'd put him in the left/right spectrum :)11:43
larschm, I should try that (Proclaim myself an artist and take over random public buildings)11:52
zrafawpwrak: they need to fill the centro cultural again 11:52
wpwrakyeah, do somethign with it before cristina sends the next round of squatters11:57
wpwrakbut i think that place was actually used for similar conferences not too long ago11:57
hellekinlekernel: there is a building that was an industrial metal factory. A tall tower. It was squatted, and now there's part of the factory that's operated by workers, lots of cultural activities, and a pirate radio.13:16
comehuevosHello everybody14:40
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