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Action: wpwrak wants "did you mean ... ?" for platform driver/device name matching19:28
larscAnd a Tux that pops up and ask you "It looks like you want to bind a device to a driver, do you need any help with that?"19:30
wpwrakyeah, that tux would be really handy, too19:33
wpwraki don't know how much time i've already wasted trying to figure out how it got that darn bureaucracy wrong this time, when it's just some stupid typo in the name19:33
wpwrakkewl. the actual code seems to work on the first try. at least something :)19:34
larscI always check /sys/bus/foobar/devices and /sys/bus/foobar/drivers. If both the device and the driver are present but not bound this is usually a good indication that the strings don't match19:35
wpwrakhmm, didn't even see my driver show up in devices/ until i fixed that typo19:38
wpwrakkewl. driver works like a charm. almost suspiciously well :)19:43
wpwrakhmm, interesting highway intersection: https://maps.google.com/?ll=-34.784342,-58.522947&spn=0.014839,0.032809&t=h&z=1620:33
wpwraklooks quite regular, but has interesting features. e.g. if coming from the south, making a right turns seems to be a bit of an adventure. you probably need a gps to get back on track when you miss the right path on the trifurcation20:34
wpwrakthe 2nd chance when coming from the southeast and wanting to go west is also cute20:35
kristianpaulcute indeed :)21:37
kristianpauli wonder if you could get in a loop on it21:39
larscyou can stay on the middle loop forever21:44
wpwrakyeah, but that's very common21:49
wpwraki should add that signposting around here is usually poorly done and more confusing than helpful. so i'm pretty sure  a lot of people who don't know the exit will end up in the wrong branch on that multiple-choice right turn.21:52
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