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DocScrutinizer05hehe, finally my Atten 858D reflow tool (hot air) arrived. And they added a postcard-alike notice: "we do care about environment and nature - GREEEEEN!!! - we don't ship manuals on paper anymore, to save trees and nature"  BWAHAHAHAHA! On a paper postcard printed with glossy colors04:10
DocScrutinizer05http://maemo.cloud-7.de/share-service/20130408_002.jpg ..003 ..00404:19
wpwraklet's call this a "greencuse" ;-)04:42
DocScrutinizer05I dunno if it sounds similarly strange in English and French, but the German "...machen wir einen besseren Planeten" is kinda weird. Terraforming? Or even Slartibartfas?04:56
wpwrakthat's what's engineering is all about ! if earth 1.0 doesn't work, let's make a new one. get rid of those pesky trees, the fragile climate, and all that. it's nice to see the return of the spirit of the 1950es and 1960es. on this brave new world, we'll have nuclear-powered flashlights :)05:21
whitequarkwhoever here said that "all CPUs shall be done on synchronous logic"? Fallenou? larsc? DocScrutinizer05? not sure09:01
whitequarkI just found this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMULET_microprocessor09:01
whitequark(or that statement could just refer to FPGAs, which, AIUI, inherently work better in synchronous mode?)09:01
DocScrutinizer05I said something similar09:01
whitequarkDocScrutinizer05: what do you think about AMULET? They had fabricated their design and it even was used in something commercial09:02
larscwhitequark: is that the one which runs faster if you put a hot coffe cup on it?09:03
whitequarkit seems that the tech at least makes sense09:03
whitequarklarsc: um, what? :)09:03
larscsince there is no central clock the processor runs faster if it is warmer09:03
larscor something like that09:03
whitequarkthat could be a neat feature09:04
DocScrutinizer05makes sense and is what I said09:04
larscbecause the propagation delays change09:04
DocScrutinizer05never heard of AMULET09:04
lekernellarsc, don't propagation delays *increase* with temperature?09:06
lekernelat least they do on spartan6 ...09:06
larscmaybe it runs slower if you put a coffe cup on it09:07
larsc"When a cup of hot coffee was placed on the chip, the pulse rate (the effective "clock rate") naturally slowed down to adapt to the worsening performance of the heated transistors."09:08
larscthat makes more sense09:08
larscbtw. I've heard the hot new thing for DSPs is to use bayesian logic09:08
larscit's supposed to yield the same performance at a lower power consumption09:10
wpwrakfunny: if you have a .txt file, mplayer will "play" it for you ;-)13:30
larscdoes this also work for *.patch?13:35
wpwraklibavformat version 53.21.1 (external)   Mismatching header version 53.19.013:35
wpwrakfor.txt, i get: Selected video codec: [ffansi] vfm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg ASCII/ANSI art)13:36
wpwrakalso with the mismatched header. seem that it first tries avi, then gets experimental13:36
zrafawpwrak: bah.. it would be nicer if it reads and plays on speaker the contents :)13:45
wpwrakor if it's a script for a movie or theater play, it could enact it13:53
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