#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2013-04-07

kyakwpwrak: yup, that commit hasn't made it to linus's tree07:13
larscnet-next is the stuff that will end up in the next upstream release, so there can be a lag of up to 3 months07:35
kyakoh god..07:58
larscoh god?08:00
wpwrakoh good ! :)08:28
wpwrakit's a perfectly good tree. not some oubliette :)08:28
Fallenou_whitequark: what is the goal of your recent work on ruby's parser?12:41
whitequarkFallenou_: have a parser which is maintainable, can parse all valid ruby code, can reject (almost) all invalid ruby code, can emit sane diagnostics (any diagnostics at all), can report precise source location12:47
whitequarkimplemented in pure ruby.12:47
Fallenou_ok, a ruby parser in ruby (in a gem if I understood your tweets)12:48
whitequarkwell, of course in a gem :) how else would I distribute it12:48
whitequarkcurrent ruby_parser does nothing of the above12:49
whitequarkI'm honestly surprised that it works at all.12:49
Fallenou_is it to help during ruby development? if ruby parser is not very precise about errors you can run your ruby parser to get more information?12:49
Fallenou_or you have a greater goal?12:49
Fallenou_ruby interpreter in ruby etc12:49
whitequarkFallenou_: http://whitequark.org/blog/2012/12/06/a-language-for-embedded-developers/12:49
whitequarkalso it is quite likely that this parser will power rubinius, sometimes12:49
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