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hellekinwpwrak: http://identi.ca/notice/100503559 :)02:35
zrafahellekin: he.. :) deberia decir "distribuidas por personas con vestimenta de la campora"03:47
zrafahellekin: because it would not bad if campora people helps, but it is not good if they do that with "propaganda politica"03:48
zrafawhen the donations were from anonymous people03:49
zrafawere made*03:49
hellekinzrafa: there's a 140 characters limit, and the important part is at the beginning: it's a literal translation from the German, if you see what I mean.05:15
wpwrak"servicio de la tormenta" it is them who provide us with storms ? :)08:32
viricwpwrak: how is the life in Argentina, with a national pope, now?09:47
wpwrakfor about a week, all the news were pope, pope, and more pope. his daily schedule, choice of shoes, and so on were headline news12:29
wpwraknow this had returned to nearly normal levels. maybe one or two pope news per day, about as many as about maradona or messi12:30
wpwrakmeanwhile, we've had two floodings to occupy people's interest: a bad one in buenos aires and one day later a catastrophic one in la plata, a city just outside (50 km) buenos aires12:31
wpwrakthe first one was caused by some 150 mm of rain, left 6 people dead, and caused power cuts in some parts of the city for 2-3 days. the second one left at least 51 people dead (they're still counting), flooded about half the city, and led to detailed warnings about how to avoid epidemics caused by the water12:34
wpwrakluckily, in my area, the rain caused no trouble12:40
whitequarkwpwrak: why the deaths?12:44
wpwrakelectrocutions, heart attacks, people getting caught under water12:47
wpwrakin some places it was > 1 m12:47
wpwraksome may also have been killed by objects the water moved12:47
wpwrakfor example, this is what it did to cars: http://bucket2.clanacion.com.ar/anexos/fotos/27/tragica-inundacion-en-la-plata-1687627w615.jpg12:49
wpwrakand here's a guy they found under a car: http://bucket1.clanacion.com.ar/anexos/fotos/39/tragica-inundacion-en-la-plata-1687539w615.jpg12:50
zrafahellekin: ah... I forgot the 140 characters limit as well :)14:38
hellekinwpwrak: you forgot to mention the diplomatic incident with UY?15:17
wpwrakaccording to mujica, there is only brotherly love, no incident ;-)15:18
wpwrakbesides, i think about 46% of the argentine population agree rather enthusiastically with what he said ;-)15:24
hellekinhehe. For the rest of the channel: "At least One-eyed was more political. This granny is stubborn. Explaining mate to a 77-old Argentinian Pope!!!"15:24
wpwraki think the mate bit was a separate complaint. the first was about negotiations between uy and ar15:42
kyakwpwrak: i'm running 3.9-rc5, atben->atusb works, but atusb->atben exits with SIGKILL when i try to send19:13
kyaki'm not running your tree, though19:14
kyakit's the 3.9-rc5, as in mainline19:14
wpwrakthat looks just like the same problem you've seen before22:54
wpwrakyou can check if your tree has https://github.com/wpwrak/ben-wpan-linux/commit/0483546a3de329cad7705d42962edb09a28794c622:54
wpwraki don't know now closely net-next and linus's tree are synchronized. there may be some lag.22:54
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